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CPD - Writing Plays in Class - 25 - 26 March

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by DiscoverNationalTheatre, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. The National Theatre's Discover Department is running a two day CPD session at the National Theatre Studio in London, for English teachers working with students from KS3 to post-16.
    25-26 March – Writing plays in class:
    This two day programme is designed to provide you with skills and techniques for introducing dramatic writing (in particular adaptation of other texts) into your classroom, as a means to understanding the dramatic medium and aiding analysis of both drama and prose writing. Using Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as source material, the programme includes:
    · Consideration and discussion of the novel and drama. How do the two forms work differently with their audience? What issues and concerns are paramount when considering an adaptation from one form to another?
    · Adapting the novel for the stage: Where to begin? What is edited or erased? Who is the protagonist in the retelling? A focus on different approaches – there is not ‘one’ way – descriptive rather than prescriptive
    · How might an analysis of the story, its central themes and characters inform a radical retelling? What is the world of the play? What are the rules and who transgresses them?
    · Exploration both in theory and practice of dramaturgical concerns including authorial voice/ narrative forms, pace, volitional characters, tempo-rhythm, conflict, and consequential action.
    · Practical examination of making dramatic writing immediate and informative while avoiding exposition. Exploration of subtext and character motivation/objectives through the writing of dialogue. What is discovered from exploring the characters, themes and action dramatically? What is lost?
    Led by playwright Kaite O’Reilly, the programme has been developed for English teachers working with students from KS3 to post-16.
    <u>To book, please email discover@nationaltheatre.org.uk with your name, school and your interest in the sessions.</u>
  2. <u>You can now book via the Box Office on 0207 452 3000</u>

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