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CPD suggestions needed...

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by beachman0274, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. I'm looking for ideas on where i can get some CPD course information. As an Aussie teacher I'm used to being able to access CPD companies who specialise in CPD for teachers. Is there such a thing in the UK? Or are teachers expected to approach Higher Ed places themselves? I understand my school should have avenues for CPD but I'm wanting to source my own courses also.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers! [​IMG]
  2. leadlearner

    leadlearner New commenter

    Hi, I have attended good training courses by both Osiris Education and Lighthouse education. They both have websites you can browse. They run them in London, Birimingham and Manchester. Both of these companies run good quality courses some other providers I have found a bit hit and miss. Or there are not enough people on them to make them interesting. Depending on where you live your Local Authourity might run local courses these are often much cheaper but quality can be variable. Hope this helps - best bt is to ask staff in your staff room.
  3. Thanks leadlearner for the help, much appreciated. I'll check those two out and get in touch with my local authority. Thanks again!
  4. Hi, i run meaningful (and well evaluated) Staff sessions for Teachers and Learning support staff together, including in aspects of emotional support leading to increased learning together for the whole class (Circle work with difficult classes).
    A look at Routledge's recently published book which i've co-edited with leading contributors including educational psychologists, teachers, clinical psychologist, dramatherapists, play therapist, psychiatrist, academics, Reader in Childhood, researchers, will give you an idea: Dramatherapy with Children, Young People and Schools: enabling creativity, sociability, communication and learning. Eds Lauraine Leigh, Prof Irvine Gersch, Ann Dix, Deborah Haythorne (Roundabout charity)
    <u><font size="3">http://www.psypress.com/dramatherapy-with-children-young-people-and-schools-9780415670760</font></u> Rates are realistic, and all sessions for CPD / Staff support tailored to your school's needs.
    For more information please email Lauraine Leigh goodcompany@talktalk.net
    familydramatherapy.co.uk; valuingteachers.co.uk
    01189 402670.


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