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CPD pay for part-time staff

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Violalass, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. Violalass

    Violalass New commenter

    I will be going part-time (0.6) in September. One of the first two CPD days falls on one of my days off. I have told the school that I would like to attend the CPD day but that I would also like to be paid for it. They have said that they do not pay additional hours for CPD days for any part time staff but that I can attend and have the time off some other time to be agreed with my HoD.

    Is there some way to challenge this? Getting the time off any some other time seems like a non-starter as it would mean missing lessons, which I don't see as acceptable. Does this mean that I just have to accept missing the first day back when there will be departmental meetings and lots of catching up and analysis unless I do it unpaid? This is my first part-time post - is this situation the norm?

    If it helps, I am the only part-time member of my department.

    Thank you.
  2. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    Some schools would pay, but yours are correct that they do not have to. In fact, they do not have to offer time off in lieu either.

    As a part timer the STPCD (assuming you are covered by this) states that you cannot be asked to work on your day off. However here it is YOU that are wishing to work, so it would be your choice to come in. Hence the school do not have to pay.
  3. Violalass

    Violalass New commenter

    Thank you for clarifying - it is as I thought, but is this not rather short-sighted on the school's part? There is a child protection training meeting on that day, for example, which everyone has to attend.
  4. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    I agree. Are there other p/t you know of in other depts? have any of them been paid in the past to come in?
  5. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    The school can't make you attend on your day off. They either need to pay you to attend (which it sounds like you are happy with) or put the session on another day.

    It may be short sighted, but it is understandable given financial contraints.
  6. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    The CP training sounds like just part of it though Piranha, Violalass also refers to "the first day back when there will be departmental meetings and lots of catching up and analysis" too.

    It's a dilemma that p/timers have posted about before and there's no wholly satisfactory solution if the school isn't prepared to pay. If on STPCD conditions of employment then STPCD is clear: cannot be required to come in for CPD, departmental meetings or anything else on a day you don't normally work.

    It isn't that Violalass is being required to come in for the departmental meeting, but that Violalass wants to come in for it. Violalass isn't the first and won't be the last p/timer to point out that the first day back departmental meetings where decisions will be made for the year are meetings they really want to attend. It will make their life for the rest of year much easier if they come in rather than just get told about the decisions afterwards. Violalass has done what's usually recommended - ask to be paid. The school has refused. Unless Violalass can find (recent) examples where school paid other part-timers and use that as grounds for asking for a reconsideration then Violalass has only two choices. Not attend, or attend unpaid.

    If you do attend the the departmental meeting at least you can ask that the departmental meetings for the rest of the year are arranged for days when you do work.
  7. Violalass

    Violalass New commenter

    Spot on Rott Weiler, the CP training is but part of the first day back. All teachers are expected to attend it - the deputy has stressed this in an email at the end of the last term - but I'm left thinking that either it's not important enough for it to be worth paying for me to attend or I'm not important enough to need to attend it.

    Piranha, I should stress that the school have not asked me to attend. I'm the one who brought the matter up. I now realise I should have done at the end of last term but I was back for only two days and it didn't occur to me that they wouldn't pay for CPD days!

    All other CPD days (which is when departmental meetings will occur) have already been set in the calendar. Luckily, they happen to be on a day I work - this is the only one that isn't.

    The school have said that I could have time off in lieu if agreed with my HoD (although how I'm supposed to arrange that before the first day back, I'm not sure). I don't understand how that would work given that I'm a teacher - would they allow me to skip classes? If not, then what? I am going to ask for clarification on this.

    strawbs, I know of only two other part-timers. One never came in on their days off, the other I don't know (and can't ask before term starts).

    I'm toying with going along on the day but going only to the meetings that I value (approx 2 out of 5). Would that be a bad idea?
  8. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    I appreciate that, Rott Weiler. My point was that if the OP is told to attend the CP training, then the school has to pay. I thought that this was the case because of the line "which everyone has to attend" - obviously I misunderstood.

    I agree that it would be difficult to not attend the rest of the day, but that is the way that the system works. I agree with Rott Weiler's advice. As far as time off in lieu is concerned, perhaps there might be one of those waste ot time CPD days (or doesn't your school have them?) on a day you do work, which you could then avoid. I think I might have been prepared to pay to avoid some CPD days!
  9. Violalass

    Violalass New commenter

    Sorry Piranha, to clarify - the email effectively said "Don't forget CP top up training on the first day back, you must sign in and attend the full session to get accreditation." Part-timers were not mentioned.

    I get that the school can run another session just for me at another time but I doubt the deputy will be impressed at having to go through it all again!
  10. lizziescat

    lizziescat Star commenter

    That's the school's problem, not yours.

    When do admin staff, dinner ladies etc get their CP training, those absent on the first day?

    When I was organising training we did put on extra CP training for these groups..

    I can't see how they could complain if you attend just the 2 meetings you think are helpful to you
  11. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    "I'm toying with going along on the day but going only to the meetings that I value (approx 2 out of 5). Would that be a bad idea?"

    I've done that. If you're not being paid, then it's entirely reasonable. However if they've offered time off in lieu, that offer might not be there for partial attendance - you might want to check.

    You could go for the full day and ask for sports day off. Your HoD's likely to be amenable (unless you're a PE teacher).

    (I used to do primary feeder visits in my own time and have sports day in lieu. I thought it was an excellent trade.)
  12. Violalass

    Violalass New commenter

    For anyone interested, I was able to negotiate two afternoons off in lieu of today (that's two church services missed) which suits me nicely.
  13. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Glad it was all sorted to your satisfaction.

    Best wishes


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