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CPD for technicians

Discussion in 'Science' started by mousey80, May 7, 2011.

  1. mousey80

    mousey80 Occasional commenter

    A few years ago, in my old school, the technicians did a vocational course. Any ideas what it might be? How else do you include technicians in the cpd policy of the school?
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    One of our techs is currently par way through a 16 (I think) week course. Not sure of the qualification she will achieve howver part of the course has required her to get assistance on the science bits from the staff in the dept, which can't be a bad thing.
  3. It might have been an NVQ in Laboratory and Associated Technical Activities. This was strongly promoted by the Association for Science Education (ASE), I think it still exists and forms part of the apprenticeship for laboratory technicians. It might be worth contact ASE to get more detail.
  4. I did the LATA NVQ3 course, it is very hard to find colleges etc that run it, all it really does is say you are working at a certain level, this is completely ignored by school management who do not understand what the qualification means.
    It would be better and benefit your technicians more if they could be sent on day release to the local college to do an ONC or today's equivalent and increase their understanding of science.
    As a technician of long standing I find the idea of CPD a joke as there are no prospects of professional development for technicians in terms of promotion or pay increases no matter what qualifications the technician has.
  5. whitecoat

    whitecoat New commenter

    Some years ago the Royal Society and ASE carried out a survey of techs and qualifications and found that over half of school techs had A levels or better; more than 30% had degrees. Only a tiny fraction had "vocational" qualifications.
    So what did the government do with this info? They decided that NVQs should be the way to go for all support staff in schools. This is because TAs at the time tended to be unqualified and the goverment think all support staff are TAs. They have little idea of what techs actually do. Sadly, most headteachers have little idea of what techs actually do, or the skills/qualifications they possess. Neither do they want to know. If they realised how valuable techs are they would have to consider paying them a decent salary. We all know that NVQ/QNVQs were designed for people that couldn't handle academic studies.
    NVQs are fine if you have no qualifications, but why would a graduate wish to take a "lesser" qualification. I asked this at a meeting many years ago and was told that a 10 year old degree is probably out of date. Try telling that to teaching staff!
    To its shame, the ASE went along with this nonsense.
    I have worked for many years in a number of schools and, without exception, the best techs I have worked with have formal academic qualiciations.
  6. Oh hear, hear! As one of those technicians (with a 2:1 in Applied Biology) I wholeheartedly concur! The stuff I do behind the scenes to stop the teachers (who earn more than twice my pitiful salary) making complete fools of themselves goes completely unnoticed by management and certainly unrewarded, unless you count pats on the back and the occasional box of chocolates. I get very downhearted sometimes, I wonder if we will ever get paid what we deserve? I think an experienced technician should be paid at least as much as a newly qualified teacher.
  7. mousey80

    mousey80 Occasional commenter

    Thanks for all the responses to the thread. I am just investigating things that we could do. I have two "assistant technicians" who over the space of many years have gone from washing glass wear to preparing a-level chemistry and I am looking for a way to prove to management that they need to be recognised for that. Perhaps a qualification could do it? Or perhaps putting qualifications into our structures could help anyone else we employ progress, like you can progress as a teacher between the two scales.
  8. TecHKnow

    TecHKnow New commenter

    The SSSNB was at the stage of testing job profiles
    in schools and was advanced in discussions about working time, when the
    ConDem government came to power. They then promptly disbanded the body - even though they had been working hard for support staff for many years

    That has been a major setback which cannot be denied,So I think the problem(s) will continue for many years to come.

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