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CPD for science NQTs

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by tonieden, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I qualified as a science teacher last September and have been actively looking for work whilst on supply. I qualified in secondary science with a specialism in Biology. Although jobs have been few and far between I have had interviews with really good feedback. This sounds positive however it has put up a brick wall because there have been no points to improve on. Candidates that have secured the positions have either had more experience or been of an alternative specialism. I feel that I am capable of teaching physics and chemistry at GCSE however I would like to show this by developing my knowledge. I have read about the science additional specialism programme provided by the TDA, unfortunately I don't think that supply teachers or NQTs are eligible to apply.
    Does anyone know of alternative courses that would still allow me to work? Or another way to improve my CV and finally secure a job?
    Thank you
  2. Do you have a triple science network in your local area? Out TSN does lots of after school CPD sessions that are very useful.
  3. Also look at the OU. When I was doing my Physics degree with them I met a number of Biology and Maths teachers doing a couple of course to enable them to teacg Physics!

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