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CPD Courses & Opportunities

Discussion in 'Australia - Staffroom' started by Danielle_gay, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Danielle_gay

    Danielle_gay New commenter

    Hi @kaylawilson4 . I am a qualified and experienced Humanities Teacher who is new to Australia. I am not currently working at a school but am very interested in completing a course or two in order to stay up-to-date with the education sector. Can you recommend any courses/webinars/websites/colleges I can visit or enroll on so that I can maintain my pedagogical know-how? I have read about the Australian curriculum and the AITSL standards but am keen to find out more about how things are done here in Australia (in particular, Queensland). Many thanks.
  2. kaylawilson4

    kaylawilson4 New commenter Tes Australia careers peer advisor

    Hi @Danielle_gay thanks for a great question. For teachers who are not actively teaching it can be tricky to access professional development - however, there are a number of avenues you can explore. I would definitely recommend joining a professional teachers association related to your teaching area. Teachers associations in Australia can be very active and often put on PD for member teachers to attend. If you would like to see what types of teacher associations are out there in Queensland, have a look at the Joint Council of Queensland Teacher Associations: http://www.apta.edu.au/coactea/jcqta

    Here you will find a directory of the different teacher associations operating in Queensland. I myself have been a member of a number of these during my teaching and have attended curriculum, pedagogy and teacher/student wellbeing PD through such associations. Some of the PD on offer is highly accessible, such as webinars and online courses, while others are great networking opportunities at face-to-face twilight sessions and whole day/weekend conferences. Hope this helps point you in the right direction!
  3. Danielle_gay

    Danielle_gay New commenter

    Thanks so much @kaylawilson4. That's really useful. I will have a bit of an explore and hopefully find a course to get my teeth stuck into!
  4. alanur_akand

    alanur_akand New commenter

    Thank you, Danielle, for your information.

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