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CPD Courses for Programming

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by etvrider, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Good morning. In light of Mr Gove's inspirational speech (erm ok), I am looking at developing my skills in Computer Programming. I was wondering if any of you guys can recommend a relevant CPD course for beginners in programming? I am currently working on the small basic program from Microsoft.

    Any help or guidance hugely appreciated.

  2. BrianUK

    BrianUK New commenter

    You could try unit 1 and unit 2 of the Python course at http://www.udacity.com
    You'll learn most of what you need from those two units.
    I personally found the first unit quite easy, but some parts of the second unit have been a bit of a slog for me. I'm finding it really hard to put aside the amount of time it needs.

  3. Thanks for the link, I've almost completed unit 1. The thing is though, is it true to say that this is providing the user will the basic fundamentals of programming, or simply how to use Python?
  4. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    For Javascript you could try www.codecademy.com
  5. thats a chicken and egg question.

    Do you need to learn the fundamentals of programming before learning a language?

    Or do you learn a program which teaches you the fundamentals of programming?
  6. Point is, ideally you need both... Keep an eye on the CAS website for 'stuff' and maybe try to find your nearest hub. Codeacademy, et al are not bad starting places though. See if you can complete the exemplar controlled assessment tasks, and if so then you're doing pretty well.
  7. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    You need to enrol in an OU course and learn the basics over a year or two. Kids write sh8t code due to major misunderstandings. You need to be a couple of levels above them, it is not instructional like ict
  8. gedlad

    gedlad New commenter

    As JB suggests, it's unlikely to happen (an ICT teacher's A Level Computing) but if it did I wouldn't impose any language - come and do what you want. Due to lack of numbers, I once crashed three evening classes into one - C, Pascal & VB to allow the courses to run. Taught generically with a little time for individual nuances of each language, it worked well being surprised to see how many reworked the exercises, some in all three. Of course life is much easier at night school.
    On the 'which language is bestist' front, I would hate to spark that one off and railroad this thread as it usually does.
    Likely or not, AS or A Level Computing would be the ideal CPD course the more I think of it.
  9. I took A-level Computing in my teens (12/13 years ago - managed a C - there were programming elements - VB was the language of choice.
    Sadly much of the coding side has left me since I've not developed it - nor have I really needed it.

    Now I'm trying to play catch up - scrambling to find a structured course - ideally with similarly minded people.

    If LEA doesn't design something - perhaps individual collegiates could....

    Open University has so far been the best option....still on the hunt for an evening class though.
  10. gedlad

    gedlad New commenter

    My Pascal and C course notes are in the TES resouce bank if they are any use.
    I'll dig my Java course notes out and drop those in there as well. They were developed for use with the JDK which was the flavour of the month a few years back. Perhaps some colleagues may find some help therein.
    I did an MSc evenings over 5 years and never missed a lecture. Had I done OU I wouldn't have completed one module for the reasons you state.
    My ICT mate saw his LEA ICT guru squashing a slug in the corridor last week, when he asked why he said it had been following him about all day.
  11. Thanks! *off down memory lane*
  12. Thanks for the posts guys. I think my major issue is finding examples of problems which can be solved by programming solutions. I find I learn better by working to examples, and I am going through the ubacity tutorials. The school I am working at has OCR, Edexcel and CiE accrediation and I am thinking about sitting one of the courses. Perhaps I'll start the OCR computing course in September.

    Its so difficult knowing where to start. At least I am being proactive and starting now :)

    Thanks again


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