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Cows milk - when, what and how?!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Wylfie, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Wylfie

    Wylfie New commenter

    Ok LO is now 11 months. I know she should be moving onto cows milk sometime soon I'm just not sure quite when and how to do it.
    Should I cut formula gradually and if so when and what to?
    does she stop having formula altogether?
    when on cows milk how much should she have a day?
    should it be boiled or warmed?
    what sort of cup should she have it in?
    also kinda moving off the point but what is a good source of iron for bubba? i try and give her meat every day but can she now have sliced meats too and what else would you recommend?

    fank yoo :)
  2. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    This is what we did- 2 weeks before LO's 1st birthday her formula tin ran out and I was sick of making up bottles so I tried giving her some whole cows milk in a tommee tippee cup for her bedtime milk. You don't need to boil cows milk as it's pasteurised but can warm it to make it more soothing especially for bedtime- I warmed it in the microwave for 20 seconds so it was room temperature. She took it fine and now has the same in the morning with breakfast as well. The transition from formula to whole milk and bottle to cup was all in one go but some babies might need a more gradual change? You can give a drink of cows milk at any time during the day, with a snack for example, and obviously feed your LO lots of dairy products like yoghurt, rice pudding, cream with puddings, cheese etc. Leafy greens and lentils are good for iron- toddler formula milk isn't necessary unless your LO is a fussy eater or has a limtied diet, whole milk is cheaper too. My LO has sliced meat in sandwiches or little pieces to hold, seems fine for her especially now she has some teeth.
    Hope that helps x

  3. I like Kitten, used up the tin I had then tried him on cows' milk at a year. He didn't seem bothered by the difference in his bottle - I also warmed it up in the microwave. LO gave me the bottle back the other night when I'd forgotten to heat it up. He still rarely takes it in a cup (unless I heat it and pretend to pour in tea when I have a cuppa). He is now down to just a bedtime bottle though and gets plenty of dairy in the form of yogurt, cheese, milk in his breakfast, etc. You could probably make up a bottle that was say 6oz formula + 2 oz cow milk then gradually adjust the ratio if she seemed not too keen to start with.
    NHS website says babies still need at least a pint of milk at one yr old but I can;t see anything baout older.
    Iron, apparently dried fruit is a good source? as kitten says, lentils are good, as are dark green leafy veg.

    hope this helps x

  4. I warmed up cows milk and gave it in a cup morning and night - just make sure he has lots of dairy in the day. Can't help re formula but I started giving cows milk at about 1. I was still breast feeding but wanted to make sure he would take cows milk before I stopped feeding.
    Good luck
  5. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    You can keep formula until 2+ now. Cow's milkis cheaper but doesn't have as much good stuff in. Yes ideally a good diet provides all this, but personally I preferred knowing that if they was being awkward about broccoli one day they were still getting vits. Also scary but true, lots of toddlers are deficient in iron and key vits. You can buy vit pills, but I figured it worked out cheaper and much easier for the kids to have the powdered stuff, esp as some have probiotics. Having said that, I gave them cows milk in day and formula at night (or one was still having some breast milk at this stage as well).
    Some kids get upset stomachs when they first swap, but if you take it gradually it should be fine.


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