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Covid-19 and Practical Work

Discussion in 'Science' started by chapmanhau, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. chapmanhau

    chapmanhau New commenter

    Just read the guidance for practical work next year. What are your views on the planned proposals? It looks like teaching content will be prioritised over practical work, and demonstrations will likely be more common. I personally think this will be a shame, since pupils will miss out on important practical skills! What do you think? How have you done practical work during Covid-19? How are you planning to do practical work now or later?
  2. jogreen74

    jogreen74 New commenter

    I've been using a website called Core Sciences (www.coresciences.co.uk). They have created virtual practicals for all of the GCSE Sciences. I particularly like the Microscopy one! I've been really impressed with how usable they are and the students like them too. You do have to pay for it but at the moment they have free trials available, so might be worth a look.

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