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covering a striking teacher!?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by tafkam, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    If it is strike cover, then no you shouldn't do it, so long as you're in a union.
  2. no, No, NO!
  3. Sorry about the labels but.....

    One sneaky plan might be for the SMT to ask "moderates" to cover strikers while "militants" cover genuine absences. Could /should we do anything about that?
  4. If it is strike cover, then no you shouldn't do it, so long as you're in a union.

    You shouldn't do it , even if you are NOT in a union. Have you in the past / would you in the future accept the pay rise gained by strike action ?
  5. I would have thought that most LA advice to schools (certainly ours) is not to look for staff to cover classes otherwise taken by strikers.
    This is also ASCL and NAHT advice to headteachers.
  6. It is illegal for agencies to provide cover for striking teachers.
  7. Thanks. That's what I thought too. I do supply as well as my normal PPA job, and wondered where I stood.
    I will refuse them. I am a bit shocked that I was even asked!
  8. Along similar lines...
    can the head (in a union) cover for a striking teacher? We have just one teacher in NUT and he is striking. The rest are in other unions but supportive of the NUT teacher. The head thinks that he can cover the class. He's in the headteacher union (not sure what the acronym is!). Should he be doing this?
  9. i believe senior management can make provision for these classes by 'covering' though of course there will be no cover work set.
  10. The heads unions I think have said no covering.
  11. End of the day, people can do what they want, as long as they accept the consequences. Any head covering for a striking colleague is breaking the strike, and I'm sure the NAHT (the acronym which escaped you) would agree.
  12. Advice from all Unions is always to not cover a strikign colleague as it undermines the strike. There is nothing to stop anyone covering the class - apart from an agency worker. But if asked you really should say no
  13. gmf


    Re: Post 7

    "It is illegal for agencies to provide cover for striking teachers."

    Really? Can you cite the actual law being broken? I'm pretty certain you're wrong here! (Though it might be inadvisable for staff/management relations...)
  14. Employment Agency Regulations 2003 Part 11 Section 7 1(a) and 7(1)(b) makes it unlawful for agencies to knowingly supply staff to a hirer to break a strike.
  15. I seem to recall a protocol from the TUC to protect members across unions when action is taken by one although I don't think this has any weight legally.

    If you choose to cover a striking colleague the main issue you need to consider is whether or not you want to undermine a professional colleague who is making a financial sacrifice in an attempt to benefit all of us - would you like to be known as a 'scab' in the staffroom?

    Of course you have the right to go to work, but you should seek written assurance from the HT that if you are covering classes, they are not the classes of striking colleagues.
  16. I am a TA in a primary school. We were told that 5 of the 7 teachers in school would be taking action on Thursday. We have been told that we will not be doing our normal roles but taking smaller groups of children for the day to cover striking teachers.

    Our Head is also trying to get agency cover. It is a diffcult position as we have been told that is what is happening, we will not be given work so I guess we are just expected to be babysitters so the school stays open as a matter of principal.
  17. worzel, are you in a union? if so i'd imagine they would fully support you if you refused to babysit these students as it is not what you are employed to do and the head is putting unreasonable demands on you.
  18. worzel, the advice given to your HT by his union (if he is in one) would be not to undertake the action he is proposing. Further, I would think your Local Authority would not advise this either.
  19. What are union expectations regarding the following:

    My Head (NASUWT member) plans to cover my class.
  20. I'm striking, and my class is being covered by a non-NUT/ATL member. I'm disgusted that he was asked to cover for me, and that he agreed to do it. He's an NQT and has 40+ years of teaching ahead of him. If the strike actions are successful, he will benefit from this, despite his undermining my choice of action.
    Much of the respect I had for him, and for my non-striking NUT colleagues, has gone. Please, don't agree to cover for strking colleagues, especially if you are a member of the Teachers' Pension Scheme.

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