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Cover work for KS3 geog please!!!

Discussion in 'Geography' started by loujb, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Hi I am in a brand new school and I don't use textbooks or worksheets. I was recently off sick and struggled to find cover. Can you suggest any projects that classes can get stuck into for a few lessons. (eg for History I set reserach on a famous historical character)
    Thank you!!!
  2. freckle06

    freckle06 Lead commenter

    No wonder you're working so late if you don't use textbooks or worksheets - what do you do every lesson you must be exhausted!
    Any research based task on what you are studying could work, just remember whatever you leave, it is very unlikely you're coming back to what you expected or wanted! DVDs on what you are studying are a good idea (particularly if there is a question sheet) Planet Earth is a fanatastic series and covers a whole range of habitats - you could leave work about how to survive in an environment, what would you need, design a shelter, adaptation of animals there - design a plant or animal for that environment. There is always the poster idea, which is dull and predictable, but if they are no good are easily filed under 'B'.
    I'm sorry to sound such a cynic, but I have wasted hours and hours planning cover lessons for them to be ignored/badly delivered and the results disastrous. I do know cover supervisors who work really hard to do what's been asked of them and the class and I am grateful to go back to completed work that's useable, but it's not always been the case.
  3. I always find a good research task works well - often linked with the atlas. Kids nowadays can never have too much geographical awareness (many have none at all!)
    When you say you don't use worksheets... do you mean not at all, or just not pre-printed ones from a company? I don't use textbooks, but I create my own work/info sheets. For example, a year 7 cover lesson I left was an outline map of the UK, plus a sheet of human and physical features for them to plot on from the Atlas (rivers, cities, mountains, natural features etc) which finished off with some questions.
    I was a cover supervisor before I went into teaching, so I am always concerned about the quality of the cover I leave. This one worked well apparently, and didn't mess up my long term planning. When a teacher left "research and create a powerpoint slide on....." I often spent the entire lesson fighting with kids on online games.
    My rule is always end with some open ended questions (that would take 10 mins+ to complete properly) and always provide more work than they could complete in a whole lesson!

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