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Cover Supervisor Pay Rates

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by BrianMolyneux, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. I have taken this year out to look after my daughter but had hoped to do intermittent supply teaching.

    However, it is near impossible to register with a teaching / employment agency at the moment unless you're prepared to work for as little as fifty pounds per day. This is the pay offered to those who, though wholly unqualified, are able to take your lessons (an issue in itself). In reality however, classes are most often taken by qualified teachers paid at this miserable rate.

    If teachers have any collegiality or solidarity there would be as much an outcry about these underpaid colleagues as there is about pensions. Where is the support or challenge to the cover supervisor pay rates being paid to fully qualified teachers?
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I agree.
    I have written to my Union on several occasions berating the lack of support for supply teachers and how we are treated as 'second best' (now 3rd best, after CS) by schools and Unions alike.
    The response from my Union seems to have been to bring out a special email publication just for supply teachers on their books, to supposedly show how much they care!
    I've written back saying that by corralling supply issues to the special 'magazine', we/they are only preaching to the converted when our employment dilemmas are discussed.
    They even had the gall to use one of my initial letters, sent to the main magazine in response to one of its articles, as the lead letter/article in the new on-line publication thta only supply teachers would read! I'd crafted it to be a potential Star letter in their main publication, that would have earned me shopping vouchers. There are, of course, no rewards for articles/letters published in their supply 'magazine'! Why does that not surprise me?
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    OP-I think you'd do better to take work in your local supermarket, stacking shelves in the evenings, and working some or all of the weekens,when your partner can do the childcare.
    You'd probably become a shift leader quite quickly and be earning more than the CS rates on offer to qualified teachers, plus no (or little) abuse from the client group and being treated with respect by your management, trusted to do your job without interference.
    You'd have little or no transport costs and could be earning in the time (up to 2 hours daily) that you'd spend trtavelling to schools on supply.
  4. As true as that may be (and probably is), for me it'd be soul-destroying after so many years in the job. I'm completing applications for September and teaching in a voluntary capacity at my local library's ICT sessions (might as well do something useful).

    Would it hurt to tag-on to existing disputes the requirement that all qualified staff be paid in accordance with their experience? Well, no, but I can't see many teachers marching for that as it has no direct impact on their pay packets.

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