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Cover Supervisor experiences...

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by alidevismes, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. alidevismes

    alidevismes New commenter

    Hello, I am a History teacher who also does some Cover Supervisor work at my Secondary School.

    I am really keen to hear from other teachers and Covers (and any other School staff) about:

    a) How many Covers are at the School in ratio to teaching staff/students
    b) How many hours of cover are undertaken by the Covers (for example if they work full time all week, how many hours on average are they covering/free?
    c) Are Covers expected to cover long-term absence (what denotes long-term at your school) and if so what role do they take on (eg: expected to plan, mark etc.)
    d) Any other comments/experiences of Cover

    All greatly appreciated
  2. harveysowen

    harveysowen New commenter

    As a former CS and now a History teacher, I was often asked to cover long term e.g. electronics teacher was off from September to December so I was given all the classes. Personally I preferred this, I was given some responsibility to plan/mark but wasn’t judged on this and I felt it was good experience for when I eventually trained.
    In all the schools I have worked in there have been around 4 CS, normally for 1000 pupils give or take.
    In current school the CS also have a responsibility to run the library - although they get paid more than I used to for this.
    There were times when I taught 25 lessons in a week as CS - so no limit. However I could leave at 3.15 and did not have to attend insets
  3. mswisdom

    mswisdom New commenter

    As a CS I cover from 20-24 lesson a week. I also have responsibility to do break duty and lunch duty, I have 30 mins lunch, I also attend inserts/CPD. I also do long term cover when teachers are signed off.
    As a team of four CS we do a lot of careers work which include, referencing, post16, school displays, ordering for departments and other admin work in the main school office. All these tasks are classified as 'OTHER ADMIN' in our contracts.
  4. baxterbasics

    baxterbasics Senior commenter

    I think it is really wrong how some of these posters are casually accepting long-term cover for teachers. Surely, this is short-changing the pupils, who need to have their work properly marked and evaluated (and moved on to the next stage) and also undercutting teachers, especially supply teachers.

    What is also wrong is that it is normally middle class parents who would complain about these situations (and the school will normally act) so I expect that thousands of working class kids are being deprived of a teacher for long periods of time and are not being taught properly.

    All sides should refuse to co-operate in these situations.
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  5. suertesamp

    suertesamp New commenter

    Hated it. Worked as a cs for 7 months. Ended up resigning, kids didn't see me as a real member of staff. Was sworn at, threatened and harassed by some students.

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