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Cover for my class

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by nearly qualified, May 21, 2011.

  1. HI
    I am due to go on maternity just before summer and return after Christmas.
    Originally I had been told when I returned I would be going into another year group (which at first I was not sure about but having researched it more I had definately got excited about the move)
    Anyway, this week been told that due to a change in circumstances when I return the I will be going back to my original class. Ok, I started to think this was maybe a good thing after all as I am familiar with it and know what I am doing which would be easier with a new baby at home.
    However, having had a meeting with the teacher who is going to be covering my class while I am off I am really peed off with some of the changes they are going to make in my abscence - I could understand if I was off for a year but it is only a term and I am thinking more of the children - she will have got them into her routine and it is hardly fair for me to come back and change everything back to my way (even though I want to)
    I just feel a bit annoyed with the whole situation - my hormones are probably not making it any better either! Sorry for the rant. x
  2. i've swapped everything back to my routine and way of doing things after 2 terms' absence. i wasn't going to make my maternity cover do things my way as she was the paid teacher while i was off. took a couple of weeks for my classes to settle to me but it didn't cause too much bother.
  3. Mmm - this is a tough one because I can see it from both sides.
    OK - from your point of view, I can see that it would be really annoying to have to pick up from where someone else left off and get the children back in to your way of doing things.
    However, this other teacher is going to be teaching them for the longest term of the year. If I was doing a maternity cover, I would do things my way - because it's the only way I know how, plus, I would rather teach in my style than pretend to teach or do things in a style unfamiliar to me, if that makes sense?
    But, on the plus side for you, you have had these children before, so they know how you run the ship and they will probably find it easier to slot back in to your way quicker than you think.
    If I'm honest, I think you are suffering from what every pregnant teacher with their own class has - the realisation that you're going to have to 'give up' your class to someone else. I know I found it really hard - especially as when I went in to visit, this new teacher had changed all the tables around and the setting etc. OK, I know that this didn't affect the children's learning but they had to get used to me for the Christmas term, and then have this different teacher who did things completely differently. But the children coped - and they still remember how I did things. In some ways, you're even luckier - they may have this cover teacher for one term, but they have you for two! They'll manage with the change in style.
    Anyway, you'll have a beautiful baby, so that will make everything alright anyway!
  4. She has to do it her way. She is a new teacher and needs to build the tespect of the class for a significant period of time. She cant do that by pretending to be you. It will be much easier for you as you are already known. Forget about it until you go back and enjoy your maternity leave :)
  5. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    To an extent I understand but look at it like this: You're going to have a baby which is fantastic news. You've got a job to back to - that's less important but it's still good - no stress of trying to find a new job during maternity leave. I'm extremely jealous, quite frankly!
    The teacher is entitled to do things her way - she is a professional and the class will be her class until you come back.
    I was forced out of my permanent post and onto supply some years ago due to my struggles with infertility - I've had to give up the role of class teacher and be in situations where I've not had that much control. You soon realise how trivial so many things are - I've had to do things I think are ridiculous because that's what the class teacher does.
    When you return to school, it will be as a mother and school will seem less important. You'll make the changes to your class routine that you'll need to make. You'll do the right thing by your class but things that seem important now may not seem so important.
    You will probably think I'm terrible - I'm doing a maternity cover next year while still ttc myself so children could have lots of disruption but I want to be a mum (for me it will take IVF) and that comes first.
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and birth - wishing you and your baby good health and happiness.


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