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coursework grades food

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by rosehill, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. rosehill

    rosehill New commenter

    Examiner officer in our school has asked us as teachers to fill in and record for each student doing food what they will get A-U for coursework and also in another column A-U what they will get in the examination. We have tried to expalin that we do not yet know boundaries for what makes a C,B etc
    She wants it to be done for the 5th May. Does anyone have any ideas.
    thanks jane
  2. TC7


    We have to do the same, we do OCR but you can work it out from the specification.
  3. janharper

    janharper Occasional commenter

    Grade thresholds are either printed in the Chief Examiner's Report for J302, or at the end of the mark scheme for the written exam papers.
    The cut off points for January 2011 can be found here:

    I produced this table to give my pupils an idea of how hard they have to work to achieve the grade they want.
    A521 /30 A522 /20 A523 /30 A524 /20 Total /100
    A* 25.5 18 27 18 88.5%
    A 22.5 16 24 16 78.5%
    B 19.5 14 21 14 68.5%
    C 16.5 12 18 12 58.5%
    D 13.5 10 15 10 48.5%
    E 10.5 8 12 8 38.5%
    F 8 6 9 6 29%
    G 5.5 4 6 4 19.5
  4. Don't use the UMS score marks in the specification, they are for after the grades have been awarded.

    Just look at the work, think about last year, did work of this quality get an A grade?
    Just remember we don't always get it right and that is what the moderation process is all about.
  5. rosehill

    rosehill New commenter

    thanks alot for taking time to answer my question I will try and guess a grade for them.
    i was thinking 55-65 C
    65-75 B
    ect for courework thanks again

  6. rosehill

    rosehill New commenter

    doing AQA food thanks again any advice

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