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Coursework components due in in May

Discussion in 'Education news' started by Jeroniymo, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Jeroniymo

    Jeroniymo New commenter

    I am at a loss to know if these will be cancelled or not ,...... 2 months of being off school possibly ... pupils cannot complete practical components ..... but as the Government only bases its points on exam based GCSE and A-level they may not know they exist
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    I suspect that as GCSEs and A levels have been cancelled, nobody's going to be much interested in coursework components which many youngsters will have worked hard to complete.
  3. Morninglover

    Morninglover Lead commenter

    Unless they are used to justify predicted (now perhaps 'actual') grades? Or appeals by pupils whose predicted/actual grades are lower than they hoped for?
  4. Jeroniymo

    Jeroniymo New commenter

    The Issue with this is that many places will not have had the opportunity to finish practical work for Science - Therefore any work there is impossible to complete from home - Especially as we closing with 2 months till marking deadline
  5. Morninglover

    Morninglover Lead commenter

    Yes, I can understand that for some subjects, but maybe for others they can be used?
  6. num3bers

    num3bers Occasional commenter

    I have just received a reply from the exam board about EPQ ( which is all coursework essentially).

    It seems no decisins have been made vis how this will be marked as yet. I have been told to tell them to finish the essays and logs etc. This all has to arrive on my e mail and my e mail may not be up to it either. Then I will have to print them off as I dont have access to any e form of submission.

    I am advised to skype with my students for presentations ...... brill, except I dont have skype. My internet connection is buffering more than usual and I am trying to get hold of students via google classroom and it isnt working. Two of my students tell me they cant open the files ( is that a ruse or the truth? How do I know, I am struggling too with a system which is untried until this covid came about. I dont have a good up to dat computer either! Some of my students only have i phones available. Given how many of them are in China, E. Europe and far flung places now, they do not have access to resources and books and the library here ( and if in lockdown in their own countries certainly not there). I cant say even how many of the more local students can access a library either for research if they need it. OK there is the internet ( if they have it) but again its a mess because some can and some cant.

    All this using remote learning sounds OK until you have to put it into acton. Unsint the internet sounds great until it has to be used.

    I am also a little ( lot) annoyed that some students are going to get a free ride on this because their grades may well be estimated ( especially those with 100% terminal exams), others may get away with a small mount of " evidencing" but I am here with 26 students sitting EPQ and all of them will now have to come through me at home remote working.

    I know people keep complaining we are giving tudents a free ride by predicting grades but it is hardly equible that t some are going to have to complete work whilst others will not ( ie coursework) .

    Surely it needs to be we use predicted grades across the board or not at all? Another government c*ck up. The exam boards are clearly fighting amongst themselves on this.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2020

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