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Courses for returning teachers who have not completed induction year.

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by krumney, Aug 5, 2020.

  1. krumney

    krumney New commenter

    I gained my QTS in 2008 and completed 1 term before moving abroad to teach. My overseas teaching experience did not count towards my induction. I feel unprepared to teach in UK schools and am desperately looking for a course that will help me revisit areas of my PGCE to refresh and update my skills. Without doing so I am concerned that no schools will take me on as I have been out of UK curriculum for so long. I can no longer do my NQT via supply as the time limit has exceeded 5 years.
    Does anyone have any course recommendations? I feel that planning and assessment are my main areas for development.
    Any suggestions?
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  2. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    I believe there is no time limit on doing your NQT year. It is that you can only do supply for a set number of years and then you have to complete your NQT. I'm not aware of any actual refresher courses as most LAs stopped them. You can do supply as a way back in. Look online for any courses which you can then put on applications which will show you are working at updating your skills. You could even see if a local school would let you do some voluntary work.
    Every school has their own way of planning and assessing so I don't think you will find a course.
  3. lentils22

    lentils22 New commenter

    I had almost 14 years out of classroom teaching and went down the volunteering route to update my skills. It led to an interview/job offer once a vacancy came up. Don't be too disheartened, though, if it takes a while to find a school that will take you on; I had quite a few rejections before I was accepted as a volunteer by my current school.
  4. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    You can not do short term supply, but you can still do it via supply as long as the placement is long enough to count towards your NQT year (i.e at least a term).

    See 2.13 and 2.29

    As @Wotton says different schools have different ideas around planning and assessment. If you have been teaching abroad then your skills in these areas are going to be valid. You need to choose your school that best meets your needs.

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