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Course in Enterprise - any ideas

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by heiabrann, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. heiabrann

    heiabrann New commenter

    I'm leading my school in PSE. We are teaching a year long course to Year 10 about Enterprise and Employability. While I understand the Spc, I am struggling to put together lesson plans. Any ideas?
  2. kdict

    kdict New commenter

    I have been creating some resources for it over the summer. I have designed a project log, some worksheets, ppts etc.

    I have also done a complete scheme with lesson plans for the ICT element of it. I can email then to you if you like?
  3. I'm doing something similiar this year in my school but only with year 7 and I'm really struggling did you get any response from your message. I have created some resources that you could use.

  4. Hi

    AQA have a course Certificate in Enterprise and Employability it is worth a half GCSE they also do one called Preparation for Working Life also a half GCSE. The second one also helps cover Enterprise with Work Related Learning.
  5. Hi
    If you go to www.PDCeducation.co.uk there is a whole scheme of work for year 10 enterprise, and another for work-related learning. If you sign up for a free trial you can get a good idea of what is available - it includes lesson plans, activities, assessments, PowerPoints and more. The resources are available on an annual subscription basis, £199 per subject, which gives your school access to all the available resources in that subject.
    Hope this is of help!

  6. Hi

    Do you have a local Business & Enterprise Specialist school? Which area of the country are you from?

  7. Hi mccanng,

    I am looking into this course at the moment. What age group do you deliver this too? I was considering it for Y9.


  8. I am also teaching employability and enterprise and have been unable to find any resources. Would you please send me a copy of the resources as well to get me started. I will be happy to send you materials that I create for the course


  9. I am a PGCE student and have to create a scheme of work and lesson plan for Investigating enterprise AS level has anyone any ideas.

  10. bazgha

    bazgha New commenter


    Can you email "enterprise"resources please

    rrb_@hotmail.com (underscore after the b)

  11. Hi
    Could I have a copy of the materials you have made for Enterprise and Employability - are you doing AQA? I've been trawling the internet but have as yet to find anything. Purchasing the course another member mentioned is not an option as I'm only teaching this to one pupil at present, in a lesson where I'm teaching 3 other GCSE subjects. Really would appreciate your help!!!

    My centre email is
  12. Hi would it please be possible for you to forward me resources for enterprise and employability, I am a NQT and have never taught this subject before, I have searched for resources but I am really struggling. Of cpurse any resources i produce my self I will gladly forward.

  13. Hi
    I would be extremely grateful if anyone could send me any resouces they have got for this exam. I have been unsuccessful in finding any already on the resources section or anywhere else on the internet and it would give me a great head start.

    Thank You

  14. Hi there I was just wondering whether you still had your lesson plans for enterprise & employability I am trying to put together some things for our school and am struggling with the coursework element so it would be a great help many thanks in anticipation my email is l.maccallum@hotmail.com again many thanks
  15. BTEC have an Enterprise Diploma under the aegis of Peter Jones.
  16. Any chance that BTEC Enterprise teachers/lecturers would like to set up some sort of network. With no resources etc was wondering if people would like to get together and share? Im based in Shropshire.
  17. Our students actually develop their own business as part of their course. The idea is that they leave with a qualification and a working business, or, if the business fails, they gain valuable experience from it. We rely on the input of the business community and our ICT staff who have provided enterprise sessions on 'how to create your first business website etc.' THe schedule we use is really quite exciting and has generated a lot of interest.

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