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Could you help me level this piece of writing?

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Isotope824, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. I'm finding it hard to level this piece of work. Could any of you kind people please let me know what you think?

    We use APP normally, but have been asked to use the Surrey assessment grids now.

    I have copied it out as written, including missed capitals etc.

    He was in a plase whear thear no wan. The cown was gon and
    Alix got confousd whear is the rest people whearand what he cod see was nothing
    but white and he got scared and horifid because he was so tiyerd and so hungry
    so he felt dizy and fell down and down and was in a sumwear els and in a shoc
    he was sum wear randem. And in a shoc wakd up. He thout why is this Happining
    to me why am I in this danger he thout and he thout the coun I need to find it
    so that he will be back again so he sor a lital shine but he sor a difren man
    got it and then he said Hi I am Alix and came near for a thowsend years ago and
    I looked for my way owt and I sor a lital coun but it did not looke like that
    but I thout that will tacke me owt. Fairst did you say your Alix yes I did what
    IO am Alix as whel ooh my twin brother am yay. OK OK we need a way backe owt of
    this horibal dream. Ok twin brother I get it call me Alix number 2 ok. hey look
    thear is a litas bit of a fold in the con rip it up and weare back and then
    they felt sick and bacl they are yay! We made it we are back I could of thort
    that befor.

    Thanks [​IMG]

  2. Looks level 2 to me. There's a (weak) narrative, and some evidence of varied vocab. 2b?
  3. I think Level 2 also. Prob 2B. How are you finding Surrey grids? Better than other APP?
  4. Lots of level 2 elements, but would say that the grammatically inaccurate sentence structure - evidence of verbal sentences rather than written puts it at low 2 not secure.
  5. Do a google search for "writing assessment criterion scale" and you should find a PDF document with level descriptors/ boundaries. Very useful and we use it weekly to level Big Writing
    Hope this helps!

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