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Could you do supply for the rest of your life?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Ostpreussen, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    I can only speak from what i see (and have seen for some years now)
    experienced teachers are largely ignored and just told to jump through the latest hoop. most older teachers that i see are extremely stressed and feel undervalued in the extreme; or they are already working on supply!
    personally, if a career is supposed to last 40 years, i am not sure why there is such a push for fast tracking people into senior jobs away from the classroom. Just what do they do next?
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I hope not - the main reason is I miss the camaraderie of working in a team. Nights out, socialising. gossip - just general work life. I was in a school full time for a year and it's only just finished and I do really miss the buzz of school life which you don't get on supply.
    Of course - there is a downside to full time in a school!!
  3. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    I don't do it at the moment but may be returning in September.
    I did it because I was forced out of my permanent post which I hated anyway. I did enjoy it and it did help me get over a horrible experience. However, I was relieved to get a contracted post (even though it's only temporary) especially as I thought I would never have one again.
    I don't want to do it for the rest of my life - if I go back to it in Sept I will probably apply for jobs in teaching and outside teaching. Apart from anything else, when I read posts on here it sounds like it's no longer feasible to make a living from it. I know I'd get 2-3 days a week from the school where I'm on contract now but that may not last forever.
    I think the uncertainty makes supply very hard.
  4. Well, time will tell. I'm returning to Supply in September after nearly 11 years in a full time job. Can't wait. Pay will be half but I will have a life.
  5. Theoretically, I'd love to have the freedom to do supply and not have the extra hassle that comes with a full time teaching job but I don't think it's an option with the way things are going in education. There just isn't the work available.
  6. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I do hope this works out for you alwaysme.
    Don't want to put a downer on you and read no further if you feel I'm just 'looking at a glass half-empty but. . . I just want you to be realistic.
    You say pay will be half? Are you certain you'll get that much work? The idea that you might 'have a life' <u>could</u> be one where you are scrimping and scraping to get by, feeling 'worthless' and of no value to society because you are not working, wondering why the phone doesn't ring, etc. etc. You'll need to factor in varying petrol costs, rising fast at present. You can never' just plan a day out', just in case that<u> is</u> the one day the phone should ring! You can (though not everyone does) feel as if your life is on 'permanent hold', and longterm that can make you very down.
    If you read as far as this or if you skipped the middle bit, I do truly hope it works out for you. Do let us know if it does, it's such a tremendous boost for others to hear of 'success stories'.
  7. I do believe this agency. I know 2 people who work for them and they are always in work. My current school uses this agency and just last week booked 8 dates over the next 15 days for one Supply in 1 phonecall. We always use this agency and have offered plenty of work for Supplies.
    This agency can offer me work in 40 mile radius covering 4 LEA's and dozens of schools. I am confident I will survive. If it doesn't materialise then I wil have still saved my sanity !!!!!!!!.
    I will see if I can do an evening / part time course to gain new skills just in case Supply doesn't happen.
    I couldn't have done 28 years - YES 28 Years working like I was with all the stresses and strains of the job. I have time to build a new career. It wasn't an easy thing to do and I will miss the children and the staff but if I'd stayed any longer it would have killed me.
  8. I'm Primary but don't want to reveal the region as at the moment only my Head knows I'm leaving and those who may know me on here and maybe even work with me and who post on here don't.
    All I can say is that where I live there are only around 3 agencies and one of those is the dominant one who has assured me they have more work than supplies and I can literally say what days I want work on and can book me a week on advance.
  9. I am really amazed at some of the postings on this thread, as they run contrary to my experience, and to that of anyone I know in the same situation. I am in contact with a colleague from school, who was made redundant at the same time as me and he also lives in London. About once a month we meet up for a pint of the Milk of Amnesia and like me, if he were to count the number of supply days he has had over the last two years on his digits, he would barely need to take off both gloves. When I have been doing the small amount of TA work that has come my way, I have met several teachers, all of whom report that, despite the blandishments of agencies, they get next to no supply work.
  10. Really do think it matters where you are geographically and whether the LEAS are still offering supply. And if you are primary or secondary.
    Here in Brum, primary supply teachers seem to do quite well where as secondary supply is not so buoyant. It exists, but most secondaries have their flocks of cover supervisors and a list on the wall of subject specialists they can ring for from a particular agency they favour!
    The agencies rule the roost here although the LEA has maintained an NQT pool all the rest of us have to make do with agencies and then hope they like your face!!
    Have met quite a few familiar faces on primary supply and I am secondary! Some have landed lucky and are firmly esconsed in primaries doing PPA cover contracts. They really are the lucky ones.
  11. I am London, secondary science.

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