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Could you be a living statue?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Lascarina, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

  2. Flere-Imsaho

    Flere-Imsaho Star commenter

    No. Far too fidgety.
  3. FrankWolley

    FrankWolley Star commenter


    Nor do I contribute to them (musicians though...yes, sometimes).
  4. RedQuilt

    RedQuilt Star commenter

    No, I'd be rubbish.
  5. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    Acc to an article in the DT today they earn about £30 a day after deducting the cost of the spray paint that costs £7.99.
  6. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    I couldn't keep still for that long.
  7. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    The one in the T'graph can keep his eyes open for 30 minutes at a time!
  8. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    Do they suffer from fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva?
  9. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Have seen them in La Rambla in Barcelona.
  10. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    £30 isn't much for spraying yourself and keeping still all day, I bet Aphrodite is cold.

    Maybe it's my perception but the paint always looks wet to me, painting yourself metallic? I couldn't do it for that reason - and I fidget far too much - and I get bored doing nothing.
    Lascarina likes this.
  11. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    Dunno about that but the one the DT interviewed said that the spray paint made his skin go wrinkly and his hair fall out.
  12. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    And I've seen them in Circular Quay in Sydney. Shall we pinpoint their whereabouts?
  13. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    I've seen them in Edinburgh.
  14. foxtail3

    foxtail3 Star commenter

    I saw them first in Barcelona too. Now they're everywhere, even in our nearest town/city. I would get cramps of various sorts and be sobbing in agony before very long I'm sure. Plus being very chilly at this time of year.

    Maybe in the summer when the weather is kinder to the joints and the temperature is higher. But the fidgets would be a problem.
  15. Didactylos4

    Didactylos4 Star commenter

    I am subject to intermittent muscular tremors so probably not
  16. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    I get spasms- are they similar to tremors?
  17. Didactylos4

    Didactylos4 Star commenter

    Could be lascarina. I wouldn't know though
  18. anotherauntsally

    anotherauntsally Lead commenter

    I saw them in Glasgow first. No, I wouldn't like to do it. They must be sitting or leaning on something, though. Why can't I see it?
    cissy3 and kibosh like this.
  19. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    No. Nor would I want to be.

    I don't see the art in it myself.

    I suppose they keep the spray-paint industry in customers but I'd rather they learned an instrument or danced or did something entertaining.
  20. Didactylos4

    Didactylos4 Star commenter

    I think shiny paint is now commonplace as several early "performers" caused some distress to passing people (especially the young and the old) when they used a matt stone finish.

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