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Could this be a trial day?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by cshanks, May 13, 2011.

  1. cshanks

    cshanks New commenter

    Hi I was just wanting to see what other people's opinions were on this.
    I submitted an application for a school that I have done a days supply for previously. In my covering letter I pointed out that I had done this and how much I had enjoyed it ect. After my days supply the school were really please with me and have asked for me specifically when arranging supply with my agency.
    I have just got a phone call for a booking for next week at this school in the year group the job is for.
    Do you think this could be a cheeky trial to look at me again?

  2. ggsh

    ggsh New commenter

    I would say it depends on the school. In one school I taught in the head was very clued up and would have done just that. In my present school I would say "mere co-incidence". But, I would also say go well prepared just in case. Try to find out lesson details first and go mega prepared in case you have an opportunity to impress the socks of them.
  3. You haven't said how many times you have been in the school .It is probably a coincidence as they seem to be happy with you but it also may well be they are looking at shortlisting candidates and seeing you in action may well be a deciding factor in this.
    Best of luck !!

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