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Could the spit test be a way to get schools back to normal?

Discussion in 'News' started by gainly, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    There is a trial in Southampton of a saliva test for Covid-19. If successful it could offer a quick and easy test for the virus which people could take once a week. Could this offer a safe way to reopen schools without worrying about masks and social distancing?

    All staff and pupils could be tested weekly and anyone who tested positive (and maybe anyone they'd been in close contact with) sent home to self isolate. If anyone refused to take the test they wouldn't be allowed to return to school. Would something like this make teachers more confident about returning to normal teaching? I suppose ideally everyone should be tested daily but that's probably unrealistic.
  2. ro_z_ismyname

    ro_z_ismyname New commenter

    It might be a useful tool to catch asymptomatic people but it shouldn't replace all the protective strategies such as distancing, regular hand washing and cleaning of surfaces, not sharing equipment, etc. Testing someone on a Monday morning doesn't stop them spreading it around school (and therefore potentially to hundreds of other individuals) all of Monday and Tuesday while they wait for their test result to come back...
    And I don't think people can be forced to take a test. They can be made to stay at home for a set period of time if they have symptoms but I don't think a school can force an individual to have a medical test.
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