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Could someone have a read of my application

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Miss behavin!, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. for a TLR post that I'm applying for and let me know what you think? Someone who has management experience would be great. It's my first TLR app - just want to make sure it's ok and it's done before we go back!

  2. MissBoom

    MissBoom New commenter

    Could I send one too Regency Rob? :D
  3. Thanks for your response Regencyrob.....just adding the final bits. Much appreciated.
  4. yes jenny
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Be a bit careful here. What one person thinks is fine another will not. What one school wants to see another won't care two hoots about. What is your personal style another person will say is waffle or abrupt.

    Have you shown what a great addition to the school you will be?
    Have you shown how you meet each and every criteria on the person spec?
    Is your spelling, grammar, etc perfect?
    Is your letter less than 2 sides of A4, in normal font size and type?
    If yes to all of these then your letter is fine.

    Read the threads on the jobseekers forum for lots more advice, especially the ones at the very top with links to click on to give you more information.
  6. Thank you Minnimix. It's an internal post and there is no job spec -there are four basic requirements we've been asked to outline...it's for managing my year group. Just literally want tomake sure I'm going in the right direction since it's my first ever application too.

  7. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Then you definitely need to get over to the jobseekers and read those links. The advice is spot on and will make you look amazing. Presumably your school already know you are amazing, you just need to show them you are better suited to leadership than the other applicants.
  8. Ok! Thank you! Will have a read now. Appreciate the advice!


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