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Could Any Teachers teaching in KL give me some help please

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by kmrauber, Nov 7, 2019 at 4:38 PM.

  1. kmrauber

    kmrauber New commenter

    Really need help from any teachers teaching out in KL. Have applied for 3 positions and have just received the first rejection (which I never had before) AS and need to know if maybe its my age? Or if anyone would take a quick look at my cover letter and CV i would be very grateful indeed. Tips def welcome. PM me.
  2. HeroForTheDay

    HeroForTheDay New commenter

    AS is difficult to get into, since it is regarded as one of the best schools in the country. They can literally pick and choose who they want. I wouldn't be too disheartened about it, plenty of great teachers will be rejected for the position you applied for.
  3. taiyah

    taiyah Occasional commenter

    You got rejected by a top,top, top school. I would look at your qualifications, more importantly the university you came from and the schools you've worked in... If you are a practical subject, I would also look at what and where you've done or applied your training. Don't be too disappointed.
  4. amariB

    amariB New commenter

    Agreed- very competitive school to get into. You are lucky if you have never had a rejection before! Don’t be disheartened, if you are keen on KL there are heaps of international schools you can apply for.
  5. Booker_d

    Booker_d New commenter

    Top top school who get literally hundreds of applicants for each position. Will be nothing to do with age, just that you will definitely be up against better candidates. Don't be too disheartened.

    Judging by the amount of management positions they were advertising recently I would imagine they will be advertising again once those positions are filled. Good luck.
  6. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    Are you overseas already? I assume you've not applied for many top tier schools in the past to be in a position where you've never received a rejection.

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