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Discussion in 'Secondary' started by chubby, May 26, 2012.

  1. Hello All!!

    I'm a primary school teacher. I am sure the next generation will starve and here is why: We are training them to be big babies. They aren't expected to complete even the simplest of tasks for themselves any more. I laugh! I don't despair, though, as there is an army of great teachers, too, who have the strength to say 'no' to this cotton wool nonsense and bring the best out of the children in their care. I salute you and hope you teach my own children one day!

    Please look at my facebook group if you feel in any way similar to me:


    You can join the group, too, with one easy click!!

    The purpose of the group is to be sharpened a little each day, as teachers (in the main) and challenged to think about what our responsibility is and what is the children's.

    Many schools say they are trying to nurture future leaders and the next amazing generation, yet don't even expect children to put their own socks on after PE or carry their own plate to the kitchen in the cafeteria!! One school I worked at even wiped the children's noses for them, literally!

    See you there!!
  2. angel09

    angel09 New commenter

    I am secondary and it is pretty much the same here, especially ks4 and ks5 students where teachers are stress to achieve targets. Some teachers are practically doing the students' coursework for them. Independent thinking is not required.
    Ironic thing is that some students are not that 'proud' of the A* in these subjects as they know how much is their own work. I kid you not, this is from students on result day with a double A* for such a subject when I congratulate them!
  3. angel09

    angel09 New commenter

    ps You're an early bird?

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