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Cotton wool and water vs baby wipes

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by runyourrun, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. runyourrun

    runyourrun New commenter

    Hi everyone, just wanting a few opinions on nappy changing. Advice that I'm hearing is that you should use cotton wool and water to clean LOs bum. Stops sensitivity/nappy rash etc However I just wanted to ask if ppl found this realistic or was the ease and convenience of wipes too tempting? Oh and also cotton wool balls or would make up pad type things work better. Stupid questions I know but hey I' m not even a beginner yet!

    Sorry for no paragraphs
  2. Cotton wool pads are better than the balls as there's less fluffy bits all over the place. After a few days (once we'd used up the 2-3 packs of cotton wool we bought) we switched to reusable wipes (google Cheeky Wipes - you could just as easily make your own). They're great for poo as we only end up using once or two wipes instead of several regular wipes.
  3. I have no experience other than observation of other people's changing routines, but my sister has always used wipes on my nephew, and my best friend used cotton woll on her little girl... Niether child seemed to suffer from sensitivity or nappy rash, and neither parents struggled with their chosen routine! Sorry!!
  4. I took cotton wool to the labour ward (under instruction from antenatal class MW) and when I got them out to change my LO, the MW asked if I had any baby wipes. So used them from there and never had any problems.
  5. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    I still use cotton wool and water on my LO who's 14 months! I change him in the bathroom where I have easy access to warm water otherwise this would be impossible. I don't like the smell of baby wipes but they are convenient when out obviously. The best type of cotton wool to buy is a massive roll and then you just tear off a day's worth or so of chunks and roll them into balls. I would definitely only use cotton wool for at least the first month.
  6. i used cotton wool and water for the first 12 weeks as the baby's skin is so delicate and it can become very dry and irritated easily - and you certainly don't want an irritated bottom!
    we used the big rolls of cotton wool as they were cheaper and then ripped off bits as and when necessary. we had a plastic bowl we carried round in the changing bag for the water.
  7. I used cotton wool and water for the first 12 weeks- still try to at home as she is so delicate. She used to get rashes so easily. I use wipes when we are out and about,
  8. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    We used cotton wool and water for the first few days, realised what a hassle it was and switched to wipes. The only time my son (now 21 months) has had any sort of rash on his bum has been when he's teething.
    My 2nd is due in just over 3 weeks and I will be using wipes from the start. Obviously if she reacts badly to them I will use cotton wool.
  9. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    We used cotton wool and water for about the first 6 weeks, which worked fine for us. We also didn't put anything in baby's bath just plain water. I started using johnsons baby bath at about 10 weeks and my LO developed eczema - not sure if it was linked or not but be careful as baby's skin can be very sensitive. We find it alot easier to use wipes now and normally get them on offer at the asda baby event we buy the 12 pack of pampers sensitive wipes, they seem to last us ages. x
  10. I think its a situation where 'you have to work out what is best for you and LO' I used cotton wool to begin with and soon switched to baby wipes.
    Had a prem baby and had to wake him to feed him every 3 hours - the only way to wake him was to change his bum and through the night, the faff of getting water to the right temperature was more than I could manage (sounds pathetic I know) hence the move rapidly to baby wipes - much more convenient.
  11. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    I took baby wipes to hospital and used them from day 1, the midwives tutted a bit but I couldn't be doing with cotton wool and water as they weren't prepared to bring me warm water and I couldn't get out of bed! I love Huggies Pure as they're so mild and nice and thick. Best way to test them is use them on your face, if they sting a bit (as Johnson's do on my skin) they're too harsh for baby. I use Huggies Pure to remove maleup when I can be bothered to put any on. Never had any problems with using wipes on LO's bum. She poos up to 5 times a day so cotton wool would be a nightmare! Look out for offers whatever you're buying x
  12. I bought gigantic bags of cotton wool balls which are still taking up space in her room as we haven't used them since we came home from the hospital! I agree, Huggies pure wipes are great.
    She is nearly 7 months old and she only thing we still use cotton wool for and warm water for is to clean her eyes in the bath and in the morning to get the yellow gunk out.
    I do have friends who top and tail their LO's rather than bathing them daily and they use loads of cotton wool. Buy a bit, but don't go mad!
  13. They seem to be notorious for causing bad reactions so we steered clear of them (and all other johnson products incidentally!)
  14. we mostly use cotton wool at home & WIPES WHEN elsewhere. (just pressed caps lock). we only used cotton wool for the first 4 weeks. baby's dad won't touch dry cotton wool tho so i keep a bowl of water (& change it regularly) with cotton wool in it, cos he doesn't mind it wet. excuse lazy typing, sleeping baby over one arm.
  15. this is almost exactly what we do... I also keep a bowl of water on the changing table as doesn't seem to bother LO if the water is cold, just have to remember to change it each day.
  16. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    I don't like Huggies Pure. They're just not soft enough and always feel so cold!
    Good quality shops such as Sainsburys and Boots do super sensitive wipes with no chemicals added.
    If you're still to give birth, one sneaky tip would be to take a pack of wipes into the hospital. Baby's first few poos, meconium, are like treacle in appearance and consistency. I wouldn't advise using cotton wool on those bad boys!
    I did always use cotton wool and water for the first few weeks of life though.
  17. We used cotton wool for a bit and then switched to wipes. When LO had a hideous meconium nappy in the hospital I was all worried and dabbing at her with the cotton wool (hadn't changed a nappy for years- my now 18 year old brother's!) so the MW grabbed her legs and roughly attacked her with the wipes. She hesitated like she was going to tell me off as all the other ladies had little marg tubs with water in but then figured I was stressed and tired enough already and didn't want me to break down! Cotton wool is a complete faff. Like some of the other babies she only gets rash when she is teething, but she does have eczema. We stopped using johnson's product as soon as we started- had been using plain water in the bath til I decided she wasn't getting clean enough- as it is notoriously bad for skin so now we're back to plain water sometimes with Oilatum and bathing every other day. Don't think using wipes on her bum has given her eczema but would def steer cleasr of johnson's. (Sorry for typos- knackered!)
  18. P.S. Chica- how are you? How's mat leave with a lively toddler?! I am worried how I will cope with feisty toddler and bump the size of a house! Hope all is well and you're enjoying the sun :)
  19. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Hi Clematis! I'm ok thanks - i started maternity leave last week. I was planning to work until tomorrow but i'd had enough! I'm exhausted, but more because i've not been sleeping well. I wake up so many times because i'm uncomfortable or because i need to wee!
    My little boy's still been going to the childminder a few times since i'm still on full pay, so i have had some chance to rest!
    How are you? Are you already on Easter hols, or do you break up tomorrow?
  20. We break up tomorrow and that is not a moment too soon- am absolutely knackered already! I'm planning on sending Lo to childminder a bit too so I can get the rest and she can have the time with her little friends.
    Hope you get a good rest before baby number 2 comes along! I for one will be having afternoon naps when she does. (Does your toddler still have afternoon naps?! Mine sleeps up to 2 hours each afternoon and bloody hope she keeps that up!!)

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