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cottage cheese question

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by japonicabean, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. you could use grek yogurt or quark in a low fat topping and then add some strong cheese to add flavour. Have done this when doing slimming world
  2. I'm doing SW too, but had no quark or fat free from frais, so i have used my allowance of cheese..very nice too [​IMG]
  3. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    A bit of mustard powder stirred in well adds a savoury boost without adding too much cheese.
    Don't forget the power of herbs too - have you tried Lovage leaf? It's pure umami!
  4. I find you get quite resourceful when doing s/w...my lasagne topping was quark, strong cheddar and eggs...it tatsed quite nice used to do it with roasted vegetables. How are you finding it?
  5. japonicabean... really love sw, i did it 4 yrs ago and lost 4 st, but put it back on gradually over time, re-started last sep and lost it all again,(now at target) thank goodness...i love all the healthy cooking process and adore cooking from scratch,
    How about you?

  6. love it too...am on and off it but on it good and proper now...got one of my best friends wedding in about 10 weeks. I also am on medication which can increase appetite and weight gain...and find s/w is the only programme that works for me
  7. Know what you mean, i was taking the 'dreaded' steroids, but SW worked a treat for me....., and lots of other medical problem also disappeared.
    Did you know that doctors actually recommend SW now?
    Good luck with your 'journey', I'm sure you'll get there for the wedding.
  8. is those naughty steroids for me too! Have been on them since I was 15 but they have literally saved my life on a number of occasions
    Yes my GP and hospital consultant have recommended s/w to me...and both have commented on the results so far...I love cooking and it allows me to do that.
    Sometimes my journey heads towards a cul de sac but at the moment seem to be heading in right direction good luck to you too!
  9. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    The stronger the cheese, the less you'll need to use.
    Cottage cheese is brilliant as a stuffing for pheasant. Bung it in the bird, loosely sew up the tail end, season with salt and pepper and stew gently in butter. A few minutes before serving, add a thimbleful of cognac or calvados. Yummy.

    That's an Alice B. Toklas recipe, by the way.

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