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Corporate Strategy- Unit 4 Edexcel. Help for a newbie teacher please!

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by laurapanda, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Would like a bit of advice please, I'm struggling to understand exactly what needs to be taught under the specification here. Porter's Five Forces, PEST-G (although, I was taught this as PESTle, which is correct?), Swot analysis, anything else?

    Thanks for any/all advice! :) My situation is a little awkward, I applied for a job teaching IGCSE English as a Second language, but it was decided that my A'level in Business Studies and mother tongue English qualified me to teach A'level out here! Slightly overwhelming as I did a Development Studies degree, and I don't have a PGCE. I took my A'levels in 2006, on AQA so finding some of the spec new/difficult to understand. I have the Hall and Marcouse textbooks (no teacher guides!) but no other resources. The school can't afford the online content, and there are no business books in the library!

    Thanks again, Laura :)
  2. Hi Laura
    I am Principal examiner for this unit and your situation has been brought to my attention.
    Hopefully you are aware that Unit 4 of the Edexcel course is based on a pre-release - this year it is Morrisons supermarkets. Any strategy questions will be in this context. It, along with other helpful information such as past papers and mark schemes, is available here:
    In answer to your question, you are right about what theory needs to be covered. I wouldn't be overly concerned about the formal PEST structure (I always use PESTLE), more just general external factors affecting a business' strategy. Ansoff Matrix is relevant here and also covered elsewhere in the unit. I use the Marcouse book all the time - you will find that it covers all you need to know for this unit (as long as you have the most recent edition - there is also a reprint out this year).
    If you're looking for relevant resources on the Edexcel course, following the link to the Community forum:
    There is also the opportunity to 'Ask the Expert' if you have any more specific questions about the course.
    Kind Regards

    James Christopher

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