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Coronavirus plans?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by bramblesarah, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. Lespaul101

    Lespaul101 New commenter

    Thanks Ian. I’m going to mention it to my students this week to see if online tutoring is agreeable.
  2. Lespaul101

    Lespaul101 New commenter

    Well so far I’ve had 4 replies back and all willing to try online tutoring.
  3. Thorntonsj

    Thorntonsj New commenter

    Hi All, Good luck to us all in the tricky weeks ahead. WhatsApp works really well for prepared work. You can talk, attach photos, documents etc.
    Three of my students cancelled today & two tomorrow. Planning online classroom for y6, - y13. Don't expect it to work with my Y2s & 3s. Children with additional needs are a real worry. Anyone tried anything that has worked for them?
  4. HJFe

    HJFe New commenter

    I have reached the difficult conclusion that it is no longer responsible to continue with face-to-face tuition, which is the bulk of my work. I have about 15 clients that I see weekly, so this will have a significant financial impact. I am London-based, and annecdotal evidence suggests that the virus is already in schools (a couple of local schools were closed yesterday for deep cleans). I only need to be in contact with one infected student to risk spreading the virus to 15 other households, as well as my own. I will stop from today and offer online tutoring to those that want to continue that way. Difficult times for us all, but I do feel we have to be responsible and play our part by trying to minimise the risk of spreading the virus ourselves. Ultimately I cannot consider what I do to be essential, so find it hard to justify taking any unnecessary risks.
  5. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    My original email is as follows:
    The current advice as of 14th of March 2020 is to carry on as normal.

    I have hand washing facilities available adjacent to my teaching room. Students are welcome to wash their hands at the beginning and end of the session.

    Should I need to self-isolate a full refund or credit on your account will be given (whichever you prefer) for any affected lessons. In the event of lock down or a student’s family needing to self-isolate then lesson will take place online via Zoom. In the event of school closures additional lessons can be arranged should you wish.
  6. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    I currently have one student self-isolating due to a family member and another students school is closed. Both are willing to try online and I am doing a test run later with both.
    Lespaul101 likes this.
  7. Lespaul101

    Lespaul101 New commenter

    I’m doing a test online session tomorrow. Good luck everybody!
  8. Abitofeverything

    Abitofeverything Occasional commenter

    I am pregnant, so following advice I have asked all my students if I can teach via FaceTime for the next few weeks - all have said yes so far. I'm in an 11+ area where people are crying out for tutors. I have also had lots of people ask if I will do additional hours if and when the schools close.
    I've pulled my own kids out of school for the time being too. Might be a terrible over reaction but feel I can't be too careful!
  9. catbefriender

    catbefriender Lead commenter

    I agree with you re pulling out your children. The advice re pregnancy and CV is contradictory. One lot of experts say, 'CV poses no risk whatsoever to pregnant women,' and the other lot, 'Oh yes it does!'o_O

    I wouldn't take any chances.

    If they fine you, fine. There will be a lot of parents in your situation and you'll probably get a celebrity lawyer to take on the case of the lot of you pro bona.

    You are doing what you believe is best for your children born and unborn.

    Stay safe and good luck re the online tutoring:).
    Mrsmumbles likes this.
  10. humbug

    humbug New commenter

    I've been following this thread and obviously the situation has been changing fast.

    I can see here and elsewhere now that most feel it isn't safe/responsible to continue face to face tutoring. I had two potential new students come at the weekend, very keen for tuition, happy with up front payment etc, but now one has decided not to pursue things as their school has closed and mocks made later. Other student was going to come back Sunday and asked for my bank details but has now disappeared.

    Like others on here, I have been suggesting online tutoring. I already do this as a regular thing for a couple of home educated students in other parts of the country. But those new students above, as well as other current students, don't seem keen. Have some of you found this too?

    Also, if you are cancelling, due to your own concerns and taking responsibility, do you offer a choice of online or a refund, if they have already paid up front? Or do you leave it that lessons are cancelled up to Easter and you will deduct these missed lessons from next term?

    Would be interested to hear more, if anyone has the time to contribute again. My tutoring is my main source of income, so I'm pretty worried about it all financially, but I know everyone's health has to come first.
  11. alsoamum

    alsoamum Occasional commenter

    I've offered online to all students for the rest of term 4 and Easter holidays. If they don't want it then I'll refund but will also terminate tuition. I'm not carrying payments over or holding places open for those who accept online as I'll be prioritising those who continue online and help to pay my bills.
  12. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    Today is my last day face to face. So far all have agreed to online tutoring and if either schools close, or parents withdraw their children I'll do online teaching across the curriculum.
  13. lynden7

    lynden7 New commenter

    Good luck everyone! Hope your internet connections stay stable and that you don't more lose students, and that you all stay safe yourselves.

    Joining this conversation from two directions.

    1. I've been teaching a mix of online and face to face for a while. The online started as a parent in China was looking for English lessons for her son. It's been a bit odd seeing the CV developments via Skype! The boy is 7, an age I would have said didn't fit well into sitting still staring at a computer listening to someone, but after some experimentation, we've got quite a good pattern going. I treat it as half chalk and talk, half children's TV from the 70s. I use action songs and a puppet, a box that I open while we chant, "What is it, what is it, what do we see, what is it, what is it, 1, 2, 3." I take out the items one by one, items that we will learn about. I use a real whiteboard propped up against the hard drive for writing that he needs to copy, and turn the monitor towards it for that part. (I have used a word doc but the parent actually prefers whiteboard as student can see me writing.) I've found I can pick up my camera and point it out of the window or on the floor so my student can see things that might be relevant e.g the weather.

    2. So far, my parents have been happy to continue face to face, but I've used lots of hands-on equipment for my English, don't-like-to-sit-still students, all primary age. I'm wondering if I should be sterilising my plastic equipment or moving to just paper. One of my lessons is with two students, friends from the same school. One of them has diabetes. Any ideas? Thank you!
  14. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    As each of my students come to face-to-face tuition I am showing them the online platform I am using and telling them that tuition is likely to move online. Most of the schools round here are still open, people are still traveling to work, cafes and shops still open. We are far away from London and I don't feel like the anyone is taking it seriously.
  15. Abitofeverything

    Abitofeverything Occasional commenter

    Thanks for the support Catbefriender. I did actually ask the school when I told them I was taking my children out whether I'd get fined and they said no. They also said I was by no means the first. I know for a fact that both parents of one of my tutees had been ill with CV symptoms and they were still sending their child to school. I just can't risk it.
    catbefriender likes this.
  16. microbiology

    microbiology New commenter

    I am following this thread as I am more likely to move to online.

    HAs anyone done group classes online?
  17. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    All schools in Scotland and Wales are to close by Friday and I expect England will soon do the same. I wonder what will happen about GCSE and A level exams. If they are cancelled I don't suppose many people will want tuition, regardless of whether or not it is online.
  18. Lespaul101

    Lespaul101 New commenter

    Possibly with some but others maybe won’t want their children falling further behind .
  19. HJFe

    HJFe New commenter

    Well that's this year's A-level and GCSE exams cancelled - I think we can assume that predicted grades will be used instead. I am not expecting any of my clients to want to continue - why would they? I might be able to hang on to my 2 year 12 students. Hard times ahead.
  20. CloudsTES

    CloudsTES New commenter

    The times are rather unsettling, but perhaps we shouldn't get too down about potential demand, as yet... Exam students may well drop off, but there could be a healthy market for curriculum teaching for non-exam years. I've only now received a request for extra tuition for an existing KS2 student, as well as her siblings...

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