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Corona Virus & PGCE

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by greasychipbuttie, Mar 14, 2020.

  1. greasychipbuttie

    greasychipbuttie New commenter

    I appreciate the answers may be "how long is a piece of string..."

    But what would happen if us trainees cant meet the teaching practice requirements due to closures?

    Would schools interview without children or will trainees be scrambling come September / October?

    Worrying situation, as health has to come first.

    Any ideas?
  2. Jeanrhyscam

    Jeanrhyscam New commenter

    Literally came on to ask the same question. I'm schools direct so have to do extra days than pgce I believe, but my mentor has said that we'll probably have to make up days in September, but even she doesn't really know. So worried because if schools are shut for months we won't be able to get a job until Xmas and our student loans don't cover us past the summer term. There's no way I could work full time on top of this course, so I'd probably have to quit.
  3. Fresa82

    Fresa82 New commenter

    I’ve literally just posted the same thing and then I saw your thread. I’m in an at risk group and I have heard that in the coming weeks people with my condition will be asked to self isolate for around 4 months! I’ve missed 4 days of teaching since September due to illness. I have a job lined up from September, but a condition of this is that I’ve gained QTS before I start. If I’m told to self isolate I obviously will, but hope that I don’t lose out on the job because of it!
  4. Gsr25

    Gsr25 Occasional commenter

    It’s an unknown at the moment unfortunately. I am on a SCITT course and we are back in centre week after next where they will update us further but a colleague was saying some courses have gone online? Not sure where they heard this though.
  5. janina_knight

    janina_knight New commenter

    My placement is suspended from next week and I understand the requirements to obtain the PGCE/QTS will be adapted given the exceptional circumstances.

    Will we still be able to pass without completing the placement?
  6. PGCE_tutor

    PGCE_tutor New commenter

  7. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Ok, so yes, placements are cancelled. In terms of the PGCE, you will complete this fine. Extensions, modified assessments and so forth can be put into place.
    In terms of what happens to your QTS the likelihood of what is going to happen is there will be a case by case judgement. Was this trainee already meeting the minimum teachings standards and was actually working on being beyond this standard?
    For the vast majority of trainees the answer will be yes. They will be awarded QTS and move into the ECF which will pick up the shortfall in training.
    For a small group - those on support plans and so forth. It may be they have to resume their training. And even then, we can’t say that the government won’t sweep all of these through QTS as well.
    The truth is, the DFE have not made a decision and there is a good reason why not.
    Decisions take time. Is this time saving lives? No it is not. And right now, the DFE is spending time on hosting key worker children. Is this time saving lives? Yes. So until the DFE have finished spending its time saving lives it won’t turn to non urgent decisions. So I don’t think we will get a definitive answer for at least four weeks. Simply because it doesn’t matter really whether it is four days or four weeks. It’s just news rather than saving lives.
    However, I’m deep inside enough to know that what I’ve written above is the most likely outcome.
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  8. janina_knight

    janina_knight New commenter

    Thank you both. Hopefully, it should be OK then.
  9. littleme28

    littleme28 New commenter


    I am a PGCE student who was meant to start placement on Monday. I have one more assignment to complete, then I would have finished the academic side of the course. My main concern is, during my first placement I past everything apart from one standard which I was deemed an 'inadequate' for.

    Would this affect me gaining QTS? I think it would be very unfair if I had to re-do a 13 week placement at a later date, whilst others were able to qualify before September.
  10. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Yes, you belong in the difficult group. So, ordinarily - you would repeat if you didn’t make it up in the second placement. And likelihood is you would make it up. But, here we go, there are thousands of you like this. Getting a standard marked inadequate isn’t unusual. By the end of the year you are fine. They don’t have enough teachers to fail thousands unnecessarily. What we are hoping is that they will apply a projected ruling.

    is it your opinion that had the trainee completed all their school placements they would have passed the QTS aspect of the course? Yes or no.

    If yes, away you go, if no - repeated placement. And then someone like you would be a yes.

    It’s the most likely outcome, but you can’t trust a politician to understand things.
  11. littleme28

    littleme28 New commenter

    Thank you for your reply. Would this be up to my University provider to decide if I would have passed, or not?
  12. Gsr25

    Gsr25 Occasional commenter

    I would imagine so.
  13. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Just for your information...as I said above...

    In advance of an expected statement from DfE about the implications of the Corona Virus for ITE, we are issuing the following advice based on our current understanding:

    1.The 120 days in school requirements are (as the Secretary of State has already announced) suspended until further notice. Providers will not therefore be deemed non-compliant if for whatever reason student teachers spend fewer than 120 days in school, or in the event that detailed requirements in respect of consecutive age ranges, the two school requirement, ‘wholly or mainly’ in English schools etc. are not met.

    2.ITE programmes can continue in the absence of placements through on-line working, the issuing of assignments etc. Where schools remain open, or are delivering learning on-line, student teachers can participate in these activities as part of their ITE programmes, provided they are willing and able and the schools are prepared to support them.

    3. Trainees should be reassured that it should still be possible for ITE providers to recommend the award of QTS based on progress made to date and current trajectories.

    4.Bursary payments to students who remain registered on programmes for 2019/20 will continue to be receive payments. Similarly, student loans will continue to be paid in the normal way for students who are on programme

    5.With regard applications for 2020/21, interviews can be made on-line, and supporting documentation such as examination certificates and proof of identity can be submitted electronically until providers are in a position to receive originals
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  14. Gsr25

    Gsr25 Occasional commenter

    Thank you Mr Media. That’s reassuring, you’ve given more information than my training provider at this time.
  15. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    I can’t actually send that information to my own students. Senior managers forbade all information sending unless it comes from the DFE to them to us. That information above is from UCET - it’s in the public domain but quite niche. As a course leader I’m up to date, but uni coms are heavily regulated.
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  16. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Just been confirmed by the DFE minutes ago...

    1. ITE requirements in respect of time spent in school and number and location of placements are suspended. ITE programmes can continue through on-line learning , the setting of assignments to be completed at home and in other ways that providers think appropriate.
    2. Where at the end of the programme students are judged by the provider to be on atrajectory towards meeting the teacher standards they can, on normal timescales, be recommended for the award of QTS.
    3. Arrangements for students who could clearly not be judged to be on a trajectory towards QTS at the end of their programmes will be announced in due course, along with details of any financial provision.
    4. Additional support for next year’s NQTs who are awarded QTS will also be announced in due course.
    5. ITE providers can continue to recruit students for 2020/21, using Skype or other on- line mechanisms for the conducting of interviews, and the checking of documents.
    6. Normal timescales for Rejection by Default and Declined by Default have been suspended
    7. Detailed Q&A from DfE will follow, as will updated ITE criteria
  17. iworth

    iworth New commenter

    Thank you for this, Mr. Media!

    I am awaiting my report from Placement 2 (for which I only attended 3 weeks of due to COVID-19) and am panicking I will only get a grade of "Minimum (but Requires Improvement)". I received "Good" on my weekly lesson observations, however, I fear my mentor may be quite strict in grading my overall performance; because I take a while to settle into a placement, I may have not been as good in the first few weeks (e.g. I was really ill week 1).

    If I do get "Minimum (but Requires Improvement)" overall, will that satisfy the bolded point? I know you can't say for certain but Minimum is defined as being satisfactory so presuming I'll be OK. I am probably worrying for no reason as on Placement 1 I received a "Good" overall and really positive feedback. I just have trust issues after being bullied by my mentors on my formative placement and being graded poorly without following the proper procedures, so I am going into panic mode, especially now I have secured an NQT post and have lots to lose...!
  18. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Yes, minimum means meeting the minimum standards for what we used to term a grade 3 (before we removed grading). Only 3 weeks? Not enough data there to be honest. I’d look at placement 1. We don’t grade lessons (never did) and nearly all providers have ditched this so you sound like you are on a very out of date provider. The truth is, failing people and making them resit is a real dodgy bogeyman area. You’ll have to be an absolute nailed on fail for that to happen. You could appeal, sue, all sorts. It would just be very messy. I think we are looking at a very very small number of maybe 1 in a hundred tops, absolutely tops, that might not make it. And that is still too many for litigation. Probably going to end up with 1 in five hundred more like.

    So, my opinion - you are fine. You are ever so slightly grey and that will be fine. You were always going to pass, most slightly grey students generally turn it around given a decent amount of time and some support from the mentor(!). That’s your trajectory. However, my advice, if you get some idiot taking power into their head and starts thinking they might fail you - come down heavy. Formal complaints, formal appeals - request evidence that the external examiner has seen your case file. Be stinky. They’ll likely not want to pursue it too far.
  19. iworth

    iworth New commenter

    Thank you for the reply! Luckily my report came back with a "Good" rating (second highest) so I am OK based off of the guidance you kindly shared from DFE.

    This whole thing has proven how much of an effect my mentors from my very first placement have had on my confidence. I should have documented the discouraging things they said and way they acted to me (as a male) so I could have filed a complaint. Wish I did now!
  20. gthompson23712

    gthompson23712 New commenter

    Does anyone know whether we will be asked to go back into schools if they reopen say in Summer 2? My university hasn't made it clear whether our placements have been cancelled or just suspended. Any info would be great, thank you.

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