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Corned beef hash

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by anon3372, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Inspired by the baked bean thread, where we seem to have gone off on a tangent...
    It seems to be one of those recipes with a million and one versions. What is yours?
    Belle does it this way:
    I buy cured corned beef and cook it in the bottom of the aga in a
    casserole with water, bay leaf, a clove or two and a bit of mace.
    I then shred it and mix with chopped cold roast potatoes, fried onions
    roughly sliced and baked beans then heat through in the oven. Soooooo
    yummy. Probably not an authentic recipe but so darn good I don't care!

    I do it this way:
    I place the corned beef in chunks in my big pyrex dish (for some reason,
    I always do my corned beef hash in my ugly big pyrex dish) and then I
    chop up some potatoes and put them in.
    Then I use some GOOD gravy (quite thin, as it will thicken) and pour
    over until just covering the meat and tatties, with a bay leaf, some
    sliced onions, lots of pepper.
    Cook on slow heat in the oven until it all starts to melt together and
    the gravy has been soaked up a bit and it all turns into a velvet silky

    So what is your version?

  2. Last time I made it, I used Simon Rimmer's recipe from Something for the Weekend, and topped it with poached egg. One of the ex-hubbie's favourite meals; haven't made it for ages...
  3. Corned beef is one of those foods from my childhood I really disliked. I can't bring myself to buy it and make corned beef hash, or indeed anything else with corned beef in (can you make anything else with it?!)
    As lovely as these recipes [​IMG] are you aren't persuading me to change my mind.
  4. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    In 100% agreement!
  5. RJR - I like your thinking
    My mum is a fantastic cook, however, as children we occasionally had corned beef with boiled potatoes, veg and HP sauce (1970's so quite a way back).
  7. Sorry, this bit was mine!

  8. Oh, I will check that out. I normally love Simon Rimmer's recipes!
    Particularly his vegetarian ones - never tried one of his meat ones!
  9. CQ, I realised this was your quote [​IMG]. We buy all of our meat from our local butchers.....I may have to ask about proper corned beef.
  10. Simon Rimmer's recipes are great, love watching his cooking on 'Something for the Weekend'. Can't stand that other presenter bloke though.
  11. Ooh... there does seem to be a lot of variations! My super easy way is
    1) lightly brown a diced onion.....
    2) Defrost a whole bag of frozen mashed potato
    3) Chop a tin of corned beef into cm cubes
    4) Combine all above in a mixing bowl, mash a bit and put in an oven proof dish. (Like shepherds pie dish)
    5) Bake in oven for about 40 mins - 1 hour until browned and just starting to go crunchy on top!

    Totally delicious with brown sauce, costs about £3 to make and serves 4 at 450Kcals each! We always have with fresh cabbage from the garden!
  12. Sorry sophia - I had no idea that such a thing existed!!!
    But your recipe sounds like mine!
  13. Yep... there certainly is.... and even St. Delia uses it! Its not quite a good as homemade but its proper mash not like smash or anything like that.......

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