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corn on the cob

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by nick909, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Nope - it's best if you put it on still in the husky coating - it will steam inside before the husk blackens and falls off, and then will crisp up and caramelise. It's best in the husk, but will still cook successfully without it. 5-10 minutes will do it.

    As a side note, best way I've eaten c-o-t-c is a gloriously unhealthy and fabulously messy Mexican-ish way - boil the cobs in unsalted water, then allow to dry. While still hot, slather in mayonnaise and then roll in some finely grated cheddar or similar, and then sprinkle with hot paprika and lime juice. Eat messily. Wear a napkin, and prepare to have food all over your face as you do so.
  2. No.
    Just put it on the BBQ for about 10 mins max. If the husk is missing, wrap in tin foil.
    Although I have to admit (my son is THE expert), it is best boiled in water. Take out, pat dry and leave for a few minutes to "evaporate" the moisture off.
    Then slather in butter.
    It can only be eaten messily. You end up with it all over your face.
    But it is yummy!
  3. No.
    Wrap it in foil, add butter and lime juice and dried coriander, mush it around a bit and throw on barbie or in oven.
  4. If I'm not doing it on the BBQ, I peel the husk back without detaching it, take the silk out and then replace the husk around the cob before microwaving it. Comes out really sweet and tasty
  5. What you may notice is that all of these methods have no salt. The most important thing when cooking corn, regardless of stove, BBQ, microwave, recipe variations is to remember that salt toughens the kernels. Do what you like, but never, never, ever add salt.
  6. Adelady, thank you for that! It is definately where I've been going wrong. I've been thinking I wasn't cooking it for long enough, but more likely it's because of the generous amount of salt I added!

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