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core ICT lessons in KS4 - functional skills or not?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by naturalcynic, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. We are looking at changing our KS4 core ICT curriculum for students from sept 2011. They have 1 lesson per week. As short courses do not appear in league tables, we are considering delivering functional skills instead. How does FS appear on league tables and does it count towards CVA? What is the pass rate at level 2? What other options are available to single lesson students?
  2. The trend towards picking courses based on their ability to deliver league table results has received a backlask in the recent White Paper. Why not look at the students and pick a course that is most suitable for them - they may want to progress to A levels or they may benefit from demonstrating basic competencies with an ehtry level qualification. I think that a lot of SLT put pressure on ICT teachers to 'sell out' for the sake of league tables at the expense of educational credibility. Look at your students and take a stand!
  3. Bravo, great comments from the previous post. We need more of that spirit through the ICT teaching community!
    Over recent years too many ICT HoDs & schools played the league table game with qualifications like the OCR National at the expense of providing a decent education fitting the students in front of them.
    So to the OP ... if functional skills fits your learners stay with it, if not look at any of the alternatives. But aim to judge on the merits of the education and not on the league table outcome (which the bacc will come to dominate over the lifetime of this government no doubt - and where is ICT in the bacc? exactly, it doesn't figure).

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