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Coping with morning sickness at work...

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by roz1982, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Hello!
    I'm about 7 weeks into pregnancy and ha've been hit hard with dreadful nausea/dizziness and headaches. Was just wondering how on earth to deal with this whilst teaching a full timetable - I'm really struggling being at work and functioning normally and potentially weeks of this stretching before me is just a terrible thought...how did others deal with coming to work and feeling so relentlessly unwell??? This is my first too so I'm just a bit clueless to be honest!

    any advice much appreciated
  2. 1. It does get better- I think by about week 13 I felt a lot better, so not too much longer (though it feels like it). AND soon, you have 2 weeks off and a couple of bank holidays. This helps a little.

    2. Have some snacks in the room to help- I found ginger ale and ginger nuts helped. Stash some away and see if you can pick at them.

    3. If you are dizzy, it may be due to dehydration: drink a lot of water but also speak to midwife. Unlikely to be anything more serious.
    4. Speak to your HT/HOD- may be able to help make things easier. I know it is early days but it might take the pressure of it someone knows.

    5. If you take some time off, don't worry. Listen to your body. The first trimester of pregnancy is bleeding hard work. Rest and listen to your body.

    Hope it starts getting better soon and the easter hols help you rest
  3. thanks for advice - especially about drinking water, I'm terrible with drinking enough. I've read somewhere about ginger nuts I shall defintely invest! Ta again
  4. i was vomiting on average 5 times a day with 24/7 nausea until i got medication to control it at 14 weeks. i managed by drinking lots of water, not eating, and having lots of excuses ready to leave the classroom and run to the toilet as and when necessary..... i let colleagues think it was cystitis until i was ready to announce my pregnancy.
    congrats btw!

  5. Thanks! Bloody hell that sounds nightmarish!! I'm glad to say it hasn't been that bad, just hope it doesn't get any worse! were you that bad from the off or did it get worse? I'm just thinking that if it stays pretty much the same I should be able to cope! feeling much brighter this avo. Keeping hydrated really does help

  6. i had no nausea til about six and a half weeks and i just woke up one morning, showered and was sick in the shower, brushed my teeth and was sick again, had to stop on the drive to work to be sick.... etc etc etc! it got worse to about 9-10 weeks and got a bit better after that, but the medication was a godsend... do as your GP for some if it continues past 13 weeks.
    gaviscon advance helped when i could stomach the taste - which wasn't all the time....
  7. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Indeed take time off if you need it. I thought I was being a wimp and struggled through - until to be honest I was really very ill physically because I had hyperemesis and i hadn't realised :-/
  8. I was constantly eating in classroom. Sipping water at first really helped, then as people/children knew I was pregnant I was always nibbling biscuits esp ginger nuts, and rich tea and eating sweets. Dried fruit was great too. Told kids baby was hungry so they didn't mind. Sucking lollipops helped too. My class thought my constant downing of gaviscon was hilarious too, they diod moan about the smell tho - i had the aniseed one.
    Congrats x
  9. jubileebabe

    jubileebabe New commenter

    Which medication were people prescribed for morning sickness?
  10. My fella has brought me some sea-bands - accupressure bands that you wear on both wrists and unless I'm just experiencing a brief period of relief they really seem to be working! Within a few minutes of putting them on I starting feeling normal again! Still a little niggling nausea but much better. I recommend. Snacking in the classroom is the way to go, I ploughed through half a packet of cheddars during lessons today! Ironic that constantly eating seems to relieve the sickness sometimes!
  11. Oh dear, that sounds terrible, what's hyperemesis?? Yeah I've been feeling like I just need to get on with it if feeling unwell, but I wouldn't go to work at any other time if I was feeling really ill! Suppose you should take time off even more if your preggo!
  12. I always found that it was when I was tired or had low blood sugar that I felt or was sick- hence the eating being helpful. I think you use up a lot of energy in this trimester- the whole baby will basically be formed by 12 weeks; you are making a brain, other vital organs etc etc- and I felt constantly peckish!
    I thought I was past it however, but this morning (15 weeks!!) I have been dry heaving again! Yuk. I did only have about 4 hours sleep though, and feel a bit better now I've had my breakfast.
  13. oh my gosh we do sound very similar! Ive been sick twice but more or less constantly feel nauseaus (sp??) Im drinking loads of water and never really drank water before!
  14. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Yeah it was a bit of a nightmare Roz.... I basically couldn't keep anything down and when I got to day 5 of that I was quite seriously dehydrated so into hospital to be drip fed I went. I was prescribed stemitil, but had an allergic reaction to that, so Ondansitron was given instead, and once I had had a couple of injections of that, I could manage on the tablets thereafter. Ondansitron isn't usually prescribed as it's stupidly expensive - about £75 a box or something....
  15. That is exactly what it's like! Sorry to hear that your work/boss is being so ****, that must make the situation ten times worse. I went to doc and got signed off for a week and am feeling SO MUCH BETTER. they can't argue with a sick note. Sounds like you need a good long rest. I know what you mean about driving too - today is the first time I've braved my car in well over a week. When I was at my worst I genuinely felt even driving to work was a risk! Hope you feel better soon too! xx
  16. Glad you are taking time off- easter holidays will help too. You need to listen to your body- don;t overdo it as it will harm you in the long run.

    Pregnancy may not be an illness, but never under estimate how ill it can make you feel. It doesn't last forever, get the first 12-15 weeks over and it should improve. You may even start glowing!
  17. waouh, I feel really bad for you girls. I was very very lucky, did not have any morning sickness through the first trimester, but started feeling fainty at my second trimester and this was because I was not drinking enough. I guess drinking plenty of fluid is important, but if you are feeling very ill, you should talk to your midwife. Teacching is very different from other jobs that it isvery demanding and you cannot avoid your audience.

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