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"Cool" teachers letting us down?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by ILoveTeaching, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Totally agree but it MUST come from the top too- lead by example. Lax teachers cause a lot of problems in a school though, it has to be said, you can't always blame SMT...
  2. it seems to me that you seem to do everything right- but I cannot imagine all teachers at your school acting in this way. Do you really think that these teachers want to appear 'cool' or do you think that prehaps they have 'given up' because they have been at the school at bit longer and are prehaps a bit worn out......

    Not dismissing your notion and I agree whole heartedly with your point of view but just seems a bit harsh that you seem to be critising all your fellow collegues...
  3. We are constantly trying to treat students as individuals and provide a personalised experience for them. We need to also consider this with their behaviour. It is possible to deal with behaviour the same way with all students, but it is more important to cater for the individual and that is really difficult. Are there any absolute no nos? If a kid tells me to F off, but I know they were being bullied I?d respond differently then if the bully told me to F off.
  4. Seems really sad that everything these days in schools seems to be about behaviour. I work in a tough inner city secondary school since I started teaching. Although behaviour gets to me sometimes, I try not to dwell on it too much and try hard not to blame anybody else rather than deal with it. Kids have good and bad days just like teachers...Dont mean to have a go at anyone, just hope people are nopt dwelling too much during the HOLIDAYS!!
  5. oops- Made a mistke- I meant people should not blame others as much as they do and should just try to make things better!!!
  6. It's interesting reading all of these posts.
    I've just completed my NQT year, and I'm glad I stuck to my guns by being strict and following the schools code of conduct, even when some colleagues didn't. It was a battle to begin with, but students no longer ask for pens because they can't be bothered to get them out of their bags, mobiles are switched off and hidden before they arrive anywhere near my room, uniforms are sorted out - and behaviour is generally good. Consequently, lessons flow mostly uninterrupted - and lots of learning takes place. So, while I may not be the most popular teacher in school, the students enjoy my subject - Science - and I'm very happy with that.
  7. you can have both you know - in fact, it's only once you have the basics sorted like uniform, equipment and basic good behaviour that you can start to have a laugh with a class. if you have excellent disipline and you know you can wind them up and then regain silence when you need to it's the best of all worlds! of course i take the ****, mess about and generally have fun, i'd go mental if i couldn't but i know that we all know where the lines are and that i can get them silent again by counting to 3.
  8. well done bh
    do people take this behaviour management thing too seriously?
  9. you have to have behaviour management (obviously!!!)but i think people almost over think their behaviour strategies. i sspeak to them with respect, they speak to me with respect - and if they don't they can see that they are in the wrong when they calm down and you explain that you are not asking for anything you are not prepared to do yourself. i very rarely really shout - although i do have a very good shout when needed.
  10. yes, that's how it works for me. I find if I shout then effectively I have lost it, much better to talk calmly and listen
  11. oh no, i can fake anger for england. shouting doesn't mean i have lost my temper at all. it's just that if you shout a lot the pupils get used to it and it loses it's impact. i'd rather use sarcasm, logic, wit or some other means. i have a good shout very occasionally and it makes them jump a mile! complete silence...they know they are in serious trouble!
  12. I work in a primary school, just had a bunch of year six with the worst attitude on earth. I truly feel sorry for the comprehensive we have shipped them off to. But our head refused to back us up, if kids came in non uniform, she'd say, well we can't enforce uniform, and at least they're attending. I personally delivered homework to a local house only to be told by the parent to **** off! What are you supposed to do. On primary, its a different ball game cos you can't keep em after school, but I always enforce break detentions and the like

    Trying to be cool but firm, in the long run!
  13. #51, definitely hve different hats for different KS!

    I agree. I am sick of nagging about phones, shirts, language, gum, talking...whatever it might be, only to be told 'so and so lets us...' It's frustrating to feel that you are trying hard to implement the school policies and are not ever being backed up. Don't know whether it's 'cool' teachers, 'can't be bothered' teachers or SMT but I do find it very frustrating. It's hard to explain to kids why you're enforcing it while Mr/Mrs X doesn't, without being unprofessional.

    A really interesting thread.
  14. This has been an interesting thread to read so I am going to pose a question or two of my own that I am hoping someone will DIRECTLY answer. Pleeease! I am hoping to come and work supply in England for a while (in the London area) after I get my Dip Ed (I'm Australia). After reading some of the posts my only concern is that if I start enforcing the school rules (which I agree should be part of our job) is that I might make myself unpopular with the staff and so not be asked back to the school which certainly could affect the perception that an agency has of me and thus the amount of work that an agency would be willing to give me.

    I guess this might be a question for the supply forum but as this thread is generating so much interest I am going to ask it here instead. What do others think of this issue? Should someone on day-to-day supply or a shorter long-term supply be enforcing the rules to the letter or should they just be enforcing major ones? Have any other teachers had any feedback from agencies on this i.e. have they noticed a drop or rise in the amount of work that they have recieved from agencies if they did/didn't enforce the schools' rules and the perception that the agency and school had of their efforts at enforcing the school rules? Thanks in advance for your replies!
  15. bumping it up!
  16. The school behaviour policy is there to be followed - by all staff - why would you not follow it? You shouldn't worry about making yourself unpopular by doing the right thing! An agency should be grateful to have staff that do stick to rules and I'm sure you'll find this to be the case.

    The best thing to do is speak to relevant staff at the school when you get there and get them to explain their views on upholding the policy rules.
  17. The school is my employer - as such I have 3 choices if I disagree with the rules

    - follow their rules fully whilst thinking to myself that they are stupid

    - lobby the key decision makers to change the rules (with rationale) but follow them in the meantime.

    - find a new school which has rules that you do like.
  18. We got a lecture today about a school that has gone from 54% A-C grades to 93% A-C grades in 5 years, and one of the biggest reasons is consistency. And that's consistency in everything! Every single teacher has to work to the same lesson plan (which the students helped to devise) etc so Im sure the discilpining would also be consistent!

    When I go on to teach, I'm going to enforce the rules as they are stated which means no phones etc. I dont care if the children think I'm too strict, because I'll be consistent and fair about it, so I'll know I'm not being a mini Hitler, and it'll just be them whining!

    I agree that inconsistency in discipling across classrooms will be a huge barrier!
  19. its even worse when you are new to a school and following the rules...the kids think you are "the mean new one" and you cant have "nice" lessons because they think you are mean and don't want to have nice duiscussions-everything is seen as a battle! oh but miss so-so lets us. mr so-so wouldnt have done that. YES BUT THIS IS MY CLASSROOM AND MY RULES. (what i should say is these are the school rules, if other staff chose not to implement them then they are not doing their job properly. at least i know i am doing it.)
  20. so true. My big bug bear is handing out pens. How ridiculous that pupils arrive to every lesson wothout a pen, yet I find myself giving them out aqt my own expense or they have an excuse to do no work. I do send them back to tutors (whose responsibility it is in my school) but they just disappear for a while and come back without one. If it was a few pupils I could do something about it but there are about 10 -15 pupils in most classes (total 50+).I ignore trainers,if they're working and feeling happy why upset them about their footwear, unless their in a PE class why does it matter? Mobiles are a huge pain though. Your're right it's time pupils learnt that they have to keep the rules, but also it's time rules were made to enhance learning not appearances. Whole school team work is the only way, so punish teachers who don't keep the rules, how would that work?

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