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Cool down activities for year 1 children!!!HELP!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lilliefleur, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Hi teaching dance to year 1 children this week and can't think of any fun ideas for cooling down at end of lesson...
    Can anyone help?
    much appreciated,
  2. take some pictures of animal tracks in the snow and get them to try and guess which animals made them.
  3. I like slow motion activities for cooling down. Has your dance got a theme? You could get them to 'act' something out in slow motion to do with that. I often just take in a remote control, point it at them and say, slow motion... then talk them through a little scenario/story (You're walking through school and you see a pencil on the floor so you bend down to pick it up... you're running - remind them it's slow motion! - in the playground, Mrs B drops her hat, you bend to pick it up then stretch up to reach her head...) And so on. I try to include lots of bends and stretches. You sometimes have to make your words long as you speak so they remember it's slow motion! Doing it alongside them helps too! x

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