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Cooking Club - recipe ideas please!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by suzyanne100, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm starting a cooking club at school with 20 children aged 7-11 and was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for things we could make?!
    Thank you in advance!
  2. Pizzas, quiche, cheese and tomato muffins, bread rolls, peppermint candies, apple crumble, cakes, bakewell tarts, fruit tarts... could go on forever... [​IMG]
  3. This is what I make with my ks2 kids (onlly 8 though, how will you manage 20??)
    Cheese straws
    chicken dippers
    sausage rolls
    As you can see, i don't 'do' cakes etc..lol
    Good luck

  4. Any kind of baking. There's lots of measurement involved and they just put the mixture in the oven so there's no frying or hot pans you have to worry about (Obviously the oven is hot but the teacher can do this part without taking over too much of the rest). The students can also measure the time that it takes to bake in the oven.

    In fact if you make a whole cake you can discuss fractions (if there are 14 students 8 girls and 6 boys, what fraction of the cake will go too the girls?) and if you make lots of small muffins or something you can discuss division: (there are 60 muffins and 12 students, how many muffins will each student get?[​IMG]
  5. Myself and 2 other TA's started a cooking club last half term for yr 5/6 children and this half term for yr 4/3's. We will be rotating, down to yr 2's, then back to 5/6's. We have capped numbers at 10 as even with 3 of us helping to measure, clear up dropped egg, etc that was enough. We also have limited cooking space with only 2 portable, table top style cookers. Small oven with 2 hobs each. We are in the process of trying to get some proper cookers though. Last week they made muffins (6 each). We went 20 mins over our time because the oven space was a problem! Make sure you can cater for 20. We run from 3.15 to 4.30 on Fridays. We made, soup, tomato sauce with spaghetti, cakes, mince pies, sausage rolls and muffins. This term we are making pizza's, jumbalaya, soup, biscuits. We try to keep veg/food seasonal.
    Good luck
  6. We did an "eating our way around the world" unit and so based foods on countries. We started off with a Hangi (as we are in NZ) for the whole school and continued from there. We made sushi (you can get sushi makers that create square sushi and make it REALLY easy to make, but otehrwise it is fun to try and roll), burritoes, tacos and mexican wedding cakes, indian food etc etc. It culminated in the yr 7&8 creating their own "restaurants" in groups of 3-5. They picked a country, made their own menu etc and served the Yr 5&6 children in equivalent group sizes ie, if your group was 3 children, you served food to 3 children. The Yr5&6 did a mexican restaurant with 3 courses and drink for the yr 7&8s. We played themed music and wore themed outfits.
    It was a great success and heaps of fun. The children did all the planning (including estimating ingredients), cooking and everthing else themselves for the finale restaurants, so it was quite an impressive learning journey.
    Baked potatoes could be a good school project, you can have them with cheese, baked beans, mince or whatever. They are simple and healthy. Great for kids to learn how to cook.
    My daughter loves potato salad, so she has learned how to cook that. It is nice and simple to make and tasty. Burritoes are great because it gets kids eating tomato & lettuce.
    Something I do with my children at home for a treat, is get short sweet pastry, and cut to put in muffin trays. Then I get a tin of plums, they are drained and the kids take out all the pips. The plums get chopped up and a spoonful goes into the pastry, cover it up to create a pie and cook in the oven. They are delicious, can be frozen and taken out to put in lunches and are really easy to make. You can use other types of tinned fruit too like apricot and apple. The hardest thing is getting the pastry in the muffin trays, its a bit fiddly. I use silicon trays so you can put the pies straight into the freezer after cooling down and then pop them out of the trays when they are frozen. I also make quiche recipes and put them in muffin trays as well.

    cheers from
  7. akimbo

    akimbo New commenter

    The recipes and recipe cards on http://britishnutrition.org.uk
    are great -Ithough I haven't used it for a while and it's been updated -hopefully, for the even better..
    Hope you have fun with your club.
  8. lisamc1981

    lisamc1981 New commenter

    does anyone know if there is a set ratio for cookery clubs?
  9. squashball

    squashball Occasional commenter

    My amazing and totally awesome TA ran a cooking club for 24 (TWENTY FOUR) reception aged children last half term and is planning another this half term. I helped when I could. We all did. Quite an undertaking! They loved it. The school caretaker, who had to hoover up afterwards, wasn't so sure.
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  10. ElizaMorrell

    ElizaMorrell Occasional commenter

    Get the Great British Bakeoff recipe book!

    I got it for Christmas and it's amazing, although I've not used it with children! The kids could watch the shows on 4od (wait, all4? whatever they changed it to) either at home or while they're washing up, etc. and then prepare the same recipes from the book. Super motivation!

    20 children is insane though. Have fun!

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