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Converting KS2 scaled scores to fine point scores

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by acarter17, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. acarter17

    acarter17 New commenter


    Is anyone aware of any tool or facility which converts the Key Stage 2 Reading/Maths/GPS scaled scores (i.e. from 80 to 120), to the KS2 Average Point (fine point) Score?

    If not, is there a certain methodology by which the fine point score could be derived from the scaled score as an approximation?

    Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

    Many thanks in anticipation.
  2. sckinsley

    sckinsley New commenter


    I had to jury rig a conversion table which I did using an old Ben Fuller spreadsheet and the 2017 Marks to standardised scores which I could then use for a lookup table. Not the best solution but may be of use to you so have attached in a zip containing pdf, xls and xls versions.

    Hope it helps.


    Attached Files:

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  3. emma_lydon1

    emma_lydon1 New commenter

    Hi S

    Thank you. I have used this to set targets for our students in year 7, 8 and 9.
    Much appreciated.
    Emma Lydon
  4. sckinsley

    sckinsley New commenter

    No Problem, have a good Christmas
  5. Cyberman

    Cyberman New commenter

  6. sckinsley

    sckinsley New commenter

    This is a good resource, fortunately in a middle school as I am now I am not affected by KS4 like I used to be - it would have been useful then. My colleagues in the secondary sector will find this useful.
  7. whys the scaled maths score only go up to 112?
  8. Cyberman

    Cyberman New commenter

    Shaun, try the link from the cyberman post.
  9. sckinsley

    sckinsley New commenter

    It is because the old National Curriculum Levels for Maths KS2 only went up to Level 6 - any grade above the standardised score of 112 was considered to be a Level 6 and therefore no other equivalents were given.

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