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controlled flipping assessment

Discussion in 'English' started by mrharris34, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. darcie32

    darcie32 New commenter

    I would totally agree!! I seem to be doing CA forever. I've no input into which board we do, but I have attepted to voice my concerns....which has fallen on deaf ears.
    I'm just waiting on the names for the samples and praying that I don't get a lot to send off. As this is my first year I think I may have been generous with the marks... but hey it's a learning curve!!!
  2. red_hot_chili_frog

    red_hot_chili_frog New commenter

    Good luck-I have no idea where I'm going to stand with my marking as the guidance from OCR has been minimal and vague at the best of times.
  3. Every thing seems to be very vague!

    We have had our sample requests, they wanted a 3 day turnaround - well that won't happen. We have several teachers, one of whom only works part time and no one has time to fill in cover sheets for every class in advance. It has taken me every free and each day after school for almost 2 weeks to complete the cw grades and the estimates, and somewhere in all of that I have had to teach. The board seem to have no idea.
  4. I hate controlled assessment! I am in a maternity cover position and am 2 weeks away from leaving as the teacher is returning to her post. I have had so much hassle, especially with the lit controlled assessment, that I was hoping to get away with a few folders being called. Out of a department of 8, we had 35 folders called. I managed to get 12 out of the 35 and 7 of the teachers teach year 11. These 2 weeks cannot go soon enough!
  5. I'm with OCR and have been asked for 50 samples out of 77 kids. That is, 40 at the moment, I still haven't heard from one Literature moderator but I'm assuming that that will be for 10 folders as well.

    I did the S&L folders over easter - 28x3 reports.

    I've been working all weekend to try and get this completed but it ain't gonna happen.
  6. Ouch! I thought I was having it tough with AQA. OCR sounds like hell!
  7. red_hot_chili_frog

    red_hot_chili_frog New commenter

    Hell it is!
    Nearly there with my folders-just 7 more speaking and listening cover sheets to go. All a pointless exercise, I fear, because I suspect my interpretation of their criteria won't be anywhere near theirs, but thankfully leaving current school to a school with AQA in September.
    They'll still receive an official complaint from me about the unrealistic deadlines and workload at the most stressful point in the academic year...I was under the impression that the moderators were teachers, so I'm really surprised that they have requested such a large sample of work in a short period of time, when it seems to be common practice not to annotate/complete cover sheets until the work is called for. I wonder if anyone can shed further light on this, moderator or otherwise?
  8. I'm glad to know it is not just me. We haven't heard anything about speaking and listening yet, so I won't be doing anything about that until we do.
    The board really needs to think about what they want from us as teachers. To fill in the exam paperwork for Lit and Lang (excluding coversheets) is 4 courswork entries and 9 estimated grades entries per student (for our cohort of 220 that is 2860 separate entries) - which is madness and has taken forever.The reason that we only do the coversheets for the sample, and therefore need longer to turnaround samples is the time it takes and the fact that, for those who are not called, much of it is wastes effort. Again, for a cohort of 220 this would mean 880 coversheets being completed, if we did that, something else would have to give - like giving the students any feedback, running revision and intervention sessions or teaching!
    We have also had an email from the moderator (on Thursday) - the email came through to our exams officer on Saturday so I could only forward it to staff on Monday - as it is, unless it is the weekend, who has that much free time in a normal teaching week?
  9. Joannanna

    Joannanna New commenter

    My year 11s are in till next week too. I'm not marking exam scripts now as they won't improve that much between today and next Wednesday. We're doing revision on planning and stuff.
  10. Joannanna

    Joannanna New commenter

    Urgh, I tried to edit and it didn't work. I was going to add that it might be because I'm used to this lastminute.com approach as it's all I've ever known that I don't mind it. Losing sixth form teaching has also helped.
    The alternative is to do it as you go along - but I know I'd prefer a couple of days of stress and panic than days of pointless form filling!
  11. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    I wish - ours don't get study leave! Rumour is that year 11 will be in until AFTER the maths exam - which is June 18th :-( SOB
  12. Joannanna

    Joannanna New commenter

    Ours don't either as such - year 12s have to come to lessons till they sit that exam - ours was on the 3rd day of the exam period.
  13. I would somewhat disagree, for these reasons:
    - our CAs are carried out in our own classrooms (all year group at once but in teaching groups) which gives you four hours to do other marking or to plan lessons
    - the fact that we can't mark drafts significantly cuts down on the hours spent marking, i.e., pouring over scripts at kitchen table and giving extensive feedback which is almost re-writing it for them
    - agree about the woolly rules - we were told we had to teach 15 poems for a CA and they had to talk about four. When the trial marking arrived, some kids had only compared two and were not penalised!
    - those coming in after start of course are a bit tricky to fit in but over the years I have found it harder and harder to get coursework - at least with this if they miss the CA you can pin them down for a couple of hours next time they are in and get something
    - lack of 1st draft marking cuts down on work load but preparation makes up for it, although, hopefully, after a couple of years we will have a bank of CA tasks with lessons ready for use
    - sample is much easier to deal with - less form filling
    Overall, I prefer it. Mind you, with all exams at end from next year it is just back to how it used to be but with CAs instead of coursework. Our HOD is very, very organised and we all know what we should be teaching when, what it is worth etc etc. The Y11s that were the guinea pigs have actually achieved about 20% more A* to C than is usual for us.
    Sadly, eventually you get used to all the **** they throw at you and just keep soldiering on.....
  14. That's one of the saddest things I've ever seen. If we just keep 'soldiering on' they'll keep thinking we can manage and just throw more and more our way.

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