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controlled flipping assessment

Discussion in 'English' started by mrharris34, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. mkm

    mkm New commenter

    Agreed. Rebellion sounds good, but how, how, how? On the phone to the exam board last week I was informed that the they had redesigned this new curriculum and its taskbank to 'keep teaching fresh'. Ha, ha, ha! So patronising! As I curtly pointed out, they at the board don't have to deliver it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

  3. mkm

    mkm New commenter

    Done! Bit concerned about the typo in it though!

  4. Depends what you mean as 'soon'. Ofqual are already having conversations with the exam boards about new GCSEs. Given that Gove et al will want everyone to follow his shiny new curriculum from 2014, and given that at some point, someone will surely point out that academies don't have to follow it, he will be looking for a neat way to make sure everyone has to.

    Tada! New GCSEs, written for the new curriculum.

    P.S.Keep lobbying for IGCSEs - in my mind the only sane solution for an insane situation.
  5. mkm

    mkm New commenter

    How is it fair also, that the huge extra workload generated by CA's is not in keeping with the workload for other subjects without ANY CA element? For which we are all paid the same by the way... I'm not saying ANY teacher has it easy of course, but this situation is unfair, surely?
  6. anteater

    anteater New commenter

    Hmph! The last time I mentioned it, the reason/excuse that was given was that IGCSE is popular with private schools, and our students would not be able to compete because standards would be higher!
  7. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    It isn't fair. It's free labour for the examination board or whatever they're called now, as we do the work for them and then face criticism if the external examiner disagrees with us or if we make a mistake with arithmetic. The utterly ludicrous thing is that we are paying customers; so we pay them and then do the work for them for nothing.
    It's time teachers concentrated on teaching and left examinng to examiners. If the boards can't get recruit examiners, that's hardly our problem.
  8. mkm

    mkm New commenter

    All very well but why would Gove et al indicate a lack of movement on CA's if other subjects are not doing them? Why would he and his cronies want only some subjects to use them and not others?
  9. English Literature controlled assessment - absolute nightmare! Even my head of department and another very experienced teacher cannot agree on how to correctly apply the mark scheme. Needless to say, as a teacher of just 2 years, I am struggling!
  10. mkm

    mkm New commenter

    And so many different marking schemes and record forms; especially if you teach all three - English, Lang and Lit!
  11. What I find so annoying is that the different elements have different bandings, so that for one CA you tell them that they should be aiming for band 5 (top band) but for another element they are aiming for band 4 (also top band). If they have to all be out of a different total amount of marks, they could at least apply a uniform banding system... or would that make too much sense?!
  12. I hate CAs too. And I teach in a lovely school with well motivated pupils who are keen and willing to work hard and have good attendance. They assure me that the English CAs are not as bad as MFL and Science ISAs.
    I so agree with the complaint about all the different mark schemes. I teach Lang, Lit and English only. The English only is a great course and well suited to C/D borderlines; I don't see how you can teach Lang/Lit to them as you haven't got enough time for the discussion they need.
    Please can AQA give us a better mark scheme? I'm trying to train an NQT and it's a nightmare! My Head says we can switch to iGCSE but I'm waiting to see how that pans out first. Is it better?
  13. CAs have had the interesting result of legalising plagiarism where I teach. Students have learnt descriptive/narrative writing verbatim and regurgitated it in the hour allowed - the A4 sheet of notes is a joke - mere prompts for their memory. Who wrote the actual work is impossible to tell, but the preponderance of identical beach-type similes and metaphors suggests that parent s have clubbed together for a tutor for a small group of children. What on earth is this teaching them?
    Draft marking was hard work, but the formative process is now missing so the value of planning and editing is being lost for current Y10 and 11 - we will reap the joys of this in the VIth form of course!

    Happily we have moved from WJEC to iGCSE in current y10 - I am not a blind fan of that curriculum, but the absence of CAs is wonderful.
  14. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    That reminds me a bit of Latin "O" Level. You bought a Brodie's translation of whatever part of The Aeniid you were being examined on and memorised it. Then, as long as you recognised the first few words you had to translate, you got full marks.
    Most of my "O" level exams should have been called O Level in memorising.
  15. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    And mine.
  16. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    I was a stupidly self-righteous Upper Fifth former doing my Latin O Level and I refused to learn the translations, thinking I should do what was expected of me and not cheat, and that I could translate whatever they threw at me. So my pedantry got the better of me and I failed. Luckily, I was double entered, so I have a CSE in Latin! I don't like to talk about it though.

    And by the way - CONTROLLED ASSESSMENTS ALL DONE and marks given in to the Exam Officer for sending to AQA. Now all I have to do is rank order my entire cohort and get them ready to send to the moderator. Any issues with 'em and they can just try me! Go on. I DARE 'EM!
  17. OK - here's the simple solution (it's what we did). Switch to iGCSE. We're doing the AQA version - as long as your school is OK with it, it's FAR more flexible, DOESN'T require Controlled Assessment conditions and is generally a return to common sense. AND we're not an independent school

    Warning - read smallprint first -these don't count towards the English Bac.
  18. We are going to do the Edexcel certificate from Sept 2012, the one for UK state schools. The lit texts are very accessible and there's no controlled assessment. I think this may count towards the English bac but please check.
  19. The biggest impact that CA has had on my life (I'm a private tutor, ex Head of English) is the huge rise in requests I get, especially from a certain type of pupil -I will only say that they are all at grammar school. Parents are terrified at the thought that their girl can't just copy up her coursework any more, or learn things off by heart!
    'Just tell me what to put!' Real request.
  20. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    Why am I not surprised? [​IMG]

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