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Controlled Assessment? What a farce!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by zglw, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. how to manipulate people/situations !?! will probably do well in life!
    Having just marked mine - fearing the worst for some.....
  2. Its happening in most schools. I was told by SLT that I wasnt going to be told to "help the students get the estimated grades from FFTA" but that I had a "duty to ensure the students achieve estimated grades".

    the same meeting I was told that I was due to move from UPS 1 to UPS2[​IMG]
  3. re

    re New commenter

    You're lucky - nothing less than FFTD will do for our SMT
  4. The situation appears now to be worse than hen we did coursework and everyone gave routine feedback help and they could go home and act on it ! Now it appears people are sticking to the rules to various degrees and also the boards differ on what they expect. As long we are judged by our results and feel pressured to deliver the results then the system is open to abuse. A friend of mine who teaches at another school has been in the position where students have missed her lessons because of various things like extra maths for the border line A students etc etc ( the list is quite endless). She had allowed the right amount of time to get her CAs done only to find they were running out of timel. No one addressed this so she landed up working just about every lunchtime and any times after school when she didn't have a meeting - Result an extremely stressed teacher who is almost at breaking point as she is tries to follow the rules.
    Let us also remember the FFT stuff is only meant to be 70% accurate. So why did I need to explain to my Head of faculty why one student failed to achieve her FFT grade A when she missed this by one mark out out 400!!
    I love teaching, the students love making, but all of this means I keep reviewing when I will retire.

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