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Controlled assessment tracker spreadsheet (AQA)

Discussion in 'English' started by fluffykat_9, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Thanks for being so generous with your resources. It looks like it works well, but there should be the usual health warning about the lack of a link between numbers and grades. I think we will use this to give a rough guide to progress, but it is quite possible that the board will judge a total score to have achieved a different grade to that indicated by the spreadsheet.
  2. Many thanks - this would have been way beyond my skills to do and it looks like it might give a rought guide so thank you for all the hard work. We are going to give it a whirl and I enetered my data yesterday!
  3. From your experience, did it make the grades go up?
    I shall have to transfer our data - this has been a boon!
    The Lit one would be fab!!
  4. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    Caroline, could you send a copy of the template with 'updated' formulae? I'd be really grateful!


    I'm also wondering if boundaries for grades went up or down.
  5. Hi, Fluffycat.
    Imagine my chagrin when I came onto this site and found that, after I had contacted other schools and searched for a tracking sheet, and then done my own for English Language, you'd done yours at around the same time as me!
    Had I waited another week or two, I could have saved such a lot of time.
    So - did you create one for LIterature? Just asking before I spend half a day doing one. And do you know if anyone has bothered with one for English? We made the (now seen as) foolish choice of doing English over 2 years, without Literature, thus, I suspect, removing the will to live from some of our lower ability children, and I need to be able to track their progress too. Another half a day AT LEAST to sort that one out....
    Let me add my thanks to the rest for your hard work on the sheet - having done it too, I know exactly how much time and brainpower it must have taken.

  6. I have done one, just need to ammend the grade boundaries formulas, using the AQA released ones from June exam. Just didn't put it onto my memory stick to work on before term starts. I am in school on monday, so will ammend it and then upload once complete!

    I have ammended, again, the language one, using the boundaries from the june exam, so will also upload the edited version on monday too.
  7. Hoorah - I look forward to seeing it on the site. Anyone out there got one for English yet? If not, I guess I will need to create one soon - SLT are going to be monitoring us closely this year, and will want to know if there's any chance of the lower ability students getting that C grade. I need to be able to show them on somehting official.

  8. Hello, Fluffykat - have you done and number crunched the Lit tracker yet? It's one of those mathematical tasks that I am not naturally gifted at and would be very grateful :)

  9. Hi fluffykat_9,
    Thanks for the tracker sheets. They are really helpful. Would you by any chance, happen to have one for English? I've used your English Language and Literature but I desperately need one for English and I'm not competent with spreadsheets and formulas.

  10. Mrs_Frog

    Mrs_Frog New commenter

    Thanks for the trackers!
    B x

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