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Controlled assessment: different rules for different boards

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by lifereallyistooshort, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. lifereallyistooshort

    lifereallyistooshort New commenter

    Tucked away in AQA's Frequently Asked Questions:

    75. Can students work on a draft in more than one lesson?


    76. Can students work together whilst producing a draft in the lesson?
    The point of producing the draft under direct supervision is to be sure that it is the student?s own
    work. One student can find out from another an individual item of vocabulary just as they could look
    it up in a dictionary, but one student cannot provide another with extended pieces of language such
    as a paragraph for a draft for the task.
    77. Can students write out a section of their task (e.g. their response to one bullet point) at
    Yes. However, students must not then bring that piece of writing into school. Any part of the draft
    which is written in school must be kept in school

    So it is clear that drafts for AQA cannot be taken from school to home. Nor brought in from home to school...
  2. My point is not about the draft being taken home and then re-worked. It is about taking home a copy of the TASK so that they can "think" further on it and not forget the task. OCR does not allow even this whereas it seems acceptable with the other boards
    It goes without saying that I accept fully they can't smuggle in another effort done by a french/german friend up the road.
  3. lifereallyistooshort

    lifereallyistooshort New commenter

    Sorry. Misunderstood your point.
  4. Controlled Assessments make absolutely no sense, confusing legislation and different criteria across boards have created a wonderful student unfriendly chaos --- my opinion :)
    We use Edexcel, but should really be thinking about WJEC as "much easier"
  5. No hurt feelings! Am simply outraged at just how loose these arragements are. I cannot see how to justify this to our dual linguists taken languages from two different boards.
  6. Not easier, but more straight forward!
  7. I am going to sound a bit unsympathetic here! Didn't you read the excellent resources put together by Helen Myers comparing the different exam boards? Didn't you do some research of your own before choosing OCR? It was pretty obvious that OCR was not the one to choose because of their extremely strict policy on Stage 2 preparation for Controlled Assessment.
    I am a little surprised that any MFL department would choose different boards for different languages - it is hard enough to get used to the new rules and regs with just one board, let alone two or more!
  8. Yes ,actually I did, and I am very annoyed with myself that I did not obviously read them carefully enough as it now transpires. I chose OCR because I felt by putting a two hour limit on the paper this would reduce the ridiculous amount of time that is being wasted on these controlled assessments. I did not see that there were different levels of control. I had never done coursework before and so in my naivety thought that when it came to the level of control it would be unifrom. After all all boards have to adhere to the other rules and regualrtions of examining conditions. However Edexcel admits that it has eased up on the level of control it first published which means they were more in line with OCR to begin with. They have simply reshaped the rules

    CA was brought in because the government of the day wanted to lessen the chances of candidates having too much help with coursework. So, they have given the OK to different boards having different levels of control which will mean ...... some pupils will have the chance to gain more help that others which was why CA was brought in. Terminal exams do have drawbacks but at least one could know that all candidates were in the same boat regarding not knowing what anything was going to be until they looked at the paper.

    As to your final comment you may well be surprised at the choice of two boards for different languages. It was what I inherited and the personality of the then, now left, Head of the other Language was such that nothing could be offered in persuasion as a reason to change. But change it will next year.

    If you contribute again I would appreciate a less hectoring tone.

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