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Controlled assessment (AQA) - the hottest topic!!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Dandolf, May 10, 2010.

  1. rosehill

    rosehill New commenter

  2. Hi Caroline, Could I have a copy too please/
  3. Hi Caroline,
    I'd really be grateful for any ideas on the assessment side of things. Could I have a copy of your Graphics sheet?
    Many Thanks
  4. Might help if i give you my email............!
    Thanks again
  5. Caroline
    CD sized envelope would be good. Weight it before you seal it up and put the same postage on the SAE as the one you mail

  6. I would love to see a copy please. Thanks in advance
  7. Hello Caroline,
    Would you be so kind as to send me a copy of your assessment sheet please?

    Many thanks!!!
  8. While I agree with the new Controlled Assessment in most aspects there are discrepancies between the boards and the range of projects set is quite different. Edexcel have a list of headings. AQA have very specific written contexts and briefs (many relating to environmental type projects). These can not be changed or adapted. I have changed to Edexcel for Textiles because 90% of my students wish to make clothing and not cushions because we do that in year 8. I have very motivated students who are very creative and able. Many have already made several pieces of clothing before they even join year 10 because we do this in year 9. This does not mean that they don't need to be reminded of the stages of setting in a zip or making a french seam. As long as all are given the same levels of advice I do not see a problem. It is unfair to let them 'try and work it out' when they may have spent up to £20 on materials, The 'try and work it out method' will not only ;lower the quality of the product but potentially produce an unworkable product. Many of them will continue to study textiles at A'level where they are expected to produce high quality complex products. If they have not had the opportunity to learn some of these more complex skills at GCSE when are they meant to have learned them because year 12 does not allow time for this. Our students all do different projects and produce very different designs, therefore need to learn different skills including pattern adaptation and development. Are we saying that the new CAT's should not allow rom for learning new skills because they have already been taught them? I can't see how this works because how do you know what they are going to make. We have a borad skills folder but this does not cover every practical skill you could know. How could it, new ones are developed all the time. Yes they learn through product analysis but this does not always show you how. If the new CAT's don't include any teaching then why not give the job of doing the CAT to a non-D and T teacher?
  9. my graphics (AQA) yr 10 are going to begin by assessing existing folders against new mark scheme, i have deliberately selected an OTT folder to enable discussion about concise focus, an A grade with more focus, C grade and E grade. We will mark one together then split the group up and mark in trios, display to follow.

    Anyone got any tips when conducting this sort of activity
  10. Would you be kind enough to send me a copy please

    many thanks
  11. finamar

    finamar New commenter

    They can be changed or adapted; you just have to contact the board to get them authorised. I intend to go through them and come up with variations and then send these to the AQA board to OK them.
  12. Yes they can be contextualised, which is for circumstances where a centre does not have the facilities to carry out a particular process.
    They are supposed to be capable of interpretation so adaptation by a candidate is entirely possible.
    If environmental means relating to sustainability that reflects the new national subject criteria for D&T .
    The three boards are delivering slightly different messages on Controlled Assessment which is confusing, but I am sure we will all get used to things.
    Wonder what will happen next?
    Now that QCDA is disappearing. How will we manage?
  13. HI would love a copy of your assessment sheet.
    Thanks for the help. Chris
  14. Hello Caroline,

    I would be really interested to see your graphics assessment sheet, could you possible email me a copy to:


    many thanks

  15. <u>The three boards are delivering slightly different messages on Controlled Assessment which is confusing, but I am sure we will all get used to things.</u>
    Please tell me how you think the boards differ in the way controlled assessments are done. I'm the only one at school doing OCR and the others AQA. As I've already done the first unit with my year 10, I told my head of dept how different the delivery is but his opinion is that it isn't that different from coursework. However others on this site seem to say different things and certainly believe it to be different!!
    I spoke to our deputy head at school and said I think controlled assessments are a whole school issue asthey are done in most subjects ans in school we haven't really thought through how we manage students who have absences etc. Also if it is to be timed properly what about students who have extra time in exams because of SEN.
  16. jmacjm

    jmacjm New commenter

    Sounds just the job- your GP tracking sheet. Plewase send one to jmcg@ccc.lancs.sch.uk please. I also love your spark and enthusiasm on this wet and windy morning.

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