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Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by ohyeah0121, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Hi I have agreed to work in a school a one term contract 4 days a week. But have been offered an interview by a school for a permananet role.How binding is a term contract?

  2. As binding as the contract states. In order to exclude yourself from a contract, the contract that you signed has to be unlawful. The usual thing is proving that there was not "full disclosure between both parties" ie:- they started busting your ****. Otherwise read it and that is what you are signing up to. If you don't like it, you are lawfully entitled to cross out bits and initial them, then the other party has to agree to the updated terms.

    If you don't like it and it is not flexible, do not sign it.

    I'd have a chat with your 1-day-a-week chief about the matter. OR, ask the new school to see if they can fit in your existing contract for a term. If they like you enough to hire you, they'll probably be flexible.

    A contract is a contract and that is that. I suggest you have a read about these things before signing any of them
  3. I am on a 1 year contract due to expire 31.08.2011. The general understanding is that I will be back in September on an extended contract: not had a new contract to sign yet (last time it took till end of November before I got my written contract)!
    I've decided that I would prefer not to go back in September and try my luck with supply work instead till I can secure a full time post. My questions are:
    A) Am I under any obligation to return in September with no new contract having been signed, only verbal discussions so far. And..
    B) What is it like out there on supply? I live within reach of the Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster and Wakefield areas.

    Thanks for your advice/help in advance!
  4. Since you have nothing in writing, I do no think they can hold you to anything. Afterall, you could go back in September to be told, that thye do not need you. Supply is dead, everywhere.
  5. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    You wouldn't receive a new contract, you would get a letter continuing your contract until a specific date. Before you jump ship it might be worth noting that you are now in a position of accruing employment protection rights. You have the right not to be dismissed unfairly.
    Should you be issued a continuation until 31 Aug 2012 you would be entitled to a Redundancy payment if they did not renew your contract and they would be obliged to have very good reasons for non-renewal. Although it is not altogethether as secure as a Permanent Contract you could not lose your job on the basis of being Fixed Term. It's as good as it gets, particularly in these straightened times.
    Supply is not reliable, take the contract and look for a permanent post. If they do extend this one, ask if it can be made permanent, and if not, why not.
  6. Thanks for your advice; will take the extension and look for a permanent job as you suggest. Thanks for your time!!
  7. The contract is with an agency contract I have done some supply work. They say a term contract but I do not think I will be actually signning a contract for this role. When agencys say a term contract what do they mean? For example if the person comes back early what happens and if I want to work some where else how tied am I to the contarct? I have only done day to day supply so am a bit unaware how these thinks work.
  8. specialsupply

    specialsupply New commenter

    I would imagine that, if is with an agency, you would not be tied to the job at all. If the boot was on the other foot, and the school withdrew the job, the agency would be under no legal obligation to you. Any "contracts" are still on a day-to-day basis, and either side can pull out at any time. Of course, this is all <u>legally</u>. An agency might not be too happy with you pulling out of an assignment, and this might affect jobs they offer you in the future, but legally there is no problem, as far as I am aware. But check the contract you signed when you first registered with the agency.
  9. Hi,
    Am still in this job but have not received any 'letter' formally extending my contract but 'understand' it has been extended till 31.08.2012. Since last year I've changed my mind about the job and would like to stay on permanently if possible, however, no one talks about it!! Not sure how to 'safely' broach the subject of the school making it permanent; scared to 'rock the boat'. Where do I stand now in terms of security of employment; do I have any? Another school is being closed and I fear losing my temporary job here, to a permanent teacher from the school that is closing; can this happen?
  10. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    Jice - well done on extending your contract. If I understand correctly, you can only be on a temporary contract in a school for a certain amount of time before it becomes permanent, either one or two years. Go and ask the head what is likely to happen as if it's not going to become permanent you need to start looking for another job.
    Supply in the areas you mentioned earlier is dire. I'm not too far from either Doncaster, Wakefield or Barnsley and had precious little since September. However, that might depend on whether or not you are primary or secondary (I'm secondary).
    Good luck!
  11. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    You now have Employment protection. As you have passed one year you have a right not to be Unfairly Dismissed. What reason do you have for this post? Is it mat cover, sickness etc? What I mean is, is there an event likely to happen that would mean the post is no longer there? If there is no reason, then there is no reason for it being a contract and there is no reason for you to be Dismissed.
    Usually Feb is when likely redundancies are started, contracts tend to be May. The only way you contract could not be continued now is if it were a Redundancy situation ie there wasn't a post, it can't just be given to someone from another school.
    If you feel confident enough, ask the question now. Otherwise sit and wait. You would certainly know by May but it's a long time to wait when you are anxious. You should have been provided with a letter of Continuation and I suggest someone is being negligent. Join a Union in case you need their support in the coming months.


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