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Contracts with the Ministry of Education Dubai

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by cams96, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. m_sahiby

    m_sahiby New commenter

    Hi, wondered if anyone from the forum is working for/has worked for MoE before? I’m a recent graduate and would really like some info.. would appreciate a PM. TIA
  2. Mr_Frosty

    Mr_Frosty Established commenter

    I don't but I had a former colleague who switched to the MoE in the Northern Emirates when his wife's job changed so I'll send you a conversation at lunchtime.
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  3. sv591

    sv591 New commenter

    Hi Nad1aa, can you please provide the details to me at savan.patel08@gmail.com
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  4. loathsomeworld

    loathsomeworld New commenter

    Hi Guys, can you please tell me how tough is managing class with the local Emirati students? Do they pay attention to teachers? Are they motivated to learn? How do the local people treat foreigners, especially who is not from English speaking country? Are the people friendly as described by various agency? How is teaching maths in one of the rural area of UAE? I am a South East Asian, currently a graduate student in USA and I am looking for opportunities to move there. I got the initial contract for 16000 AED, unlike 21000 AED to a English Speaker. The place seems to be rife with discrimination, so want to learn more before I plan to move. Hopefully someone teaching there will respond. Thank you in advance.
  5. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    16000 a month is a reasonable salary provided you also get the full package on top of that - 1 return flight a year plus accommodation plus good health care package. Your lower salary may reflect the status they give on your qualifications if they are non-UK or USA qualifications.

    ‘Rural’ area? What do you mean? If it is truly rural the middle of an isolated country area you may be bored - but will save more money.

    Regarding discrimination I’m afraid you may experience this generally as Asian people are seen as being Middle to lower ‘tier’ in the big scheme of things. This isn’t always blatant, but you may well ‘feel’ like you are considered differently. I say this based on my wife’s experiences in Dubai (she is from India)
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  6. loathsomeworld

    loathsomeworld New commenter

    Hi Stopwatch,
    thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, I have not been provided any separate accommodation but is included in that 16000 AED. I want to know more about class management, motivation of the students and their parents and other issues that may arise while teaching. Can you provide some details if you have taught there or still teaching there.
    By rural I mean , I may be be send anywhere within the UAE, so there is possibility that I may be send to some places where there are very few expats, so want to know more about living in such areas.
  7. Jason_Bourne_

    Jason_Bourne_ Established commenter

    I believe your offer would be 16000 AED including accommodation? In which case I would never accept it particularly teaching a class full of local students.... I know people who have done so and only lasted a very short period of time before leaving.
  8. loathsomeworld

    loathsomeworld New commenter

    Thanks Jason. Yeah that 16000 includes the basic salary and all the allowances. I too think that teaching non motivated local students will be troublesome especially when the expectation of MOE is very high and the students don't care. I don't know what they believe in, success without hard work! Teaching a good international school may not be so troublesome as I have taught undergraduate labs in the USA and kids here are well mannered. I had taught some from gulf countries and some of them were terrible in Maths, so I can guess how dull the classes going to be.

    How is life in rural parts? Do they have public transportation? By rural part, i mean outside of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and possibly Sharjah where there are few expats. I want to know more from expats teacher working in UAE under MOE rather than trusting the agency who just want to make money by selling false information.
  9. sv591

    sv591 New commenter


    I think there is plenty of content about working with MoE on the internet, I am sure some solid research can help you make your decision. I am also from south east asia and have done significant research about MoE. PM me if you want more details.

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  10. loathsomeworld

    loathsomeworld New commenter

    Hi sv591,
    Can I have your email? Thanks.
  11. sv591

    sv591 New commenter

  12. shafaliarya_15

    shafaliarya_15 New commenter

    I think you and I have applied for the same position! Have you had your interview yet?
  13. shafaliarya_15

    shafaliarya_15 New commenter

  14. I would like to know more details on teaching in public schools in the UAE. I received an initial offer letter. I am very eager to know what the next is. My E mail: jaisonjoseph16@gmail.com

  15. Fzw16

    Fzw16 New commenter

    Hi, I know this is a dated convo but here's to hoping you'll reply! I have an interview coming up for Eyfs. Wondering what the test will be like!
  16. Fzw16

    Fzw16 New commenter

    Hi, any update on your job in the UAE?
  17. meenakshiksanu

    meenakshiksanu New commenter

  18. meenakshiksanu

    meenakshiksanu New commenter


    I am 53 year Indian teacher with 20 years of teaching experience.

    I am waiting for the face to face interview to be held on 31st of March.

    I am really afraid of joining moe uae after browsing so many negative comments.
    Pl. Let me know whether I can go ahead or give up
  19. Leon_8

    Leon_8 New commenter

  20. ch_singh1508

    ch_singh1508 New commenter

    Dear all,
    Anyone selected in moe as teacher who already working in uae. Means local working candidates.
    Kindly revert. Have u go offer or contract letter

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