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Contracts with the Ministry of Education Dubai

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by cams96, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Nad1aa

    Nad1aa New commenter

  2. Nad1aa

    Nad1aa New commenter

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  3. Nad1aa

    Nad1aa New commenter


    My husband signed his contract on 18tg April all paper work sent just visas were going to be processed in august and he got an email on Friday saying your contract has been withdrawn and no reason has been given...
  4. Irishlads

    Irishlads New commenter

    Hi Marko can I contract you anyway to ask you some questions. I signed a final contract there and have lots of questions would really appreciate the help
  5. Irishlads

    Irishlads New commenter

    Did he sign a preliminary one or a final one?
  6. Nad1aa

    Nad1aa New commenter


    He signed the final one
  7. Irishlads

    Irishlads New commenter

    Can you give us any more information why this happened? What's position was it for? And where are yee from. Something must of happened or been left out or something? Thanks in advance
  8. Nad1aa

    Nad1aa New commenter

    If you have an email address I'll send you all stuff he sent and correspondence from the MOE, all contract was signed off and he was told to wait for the visa to come through, they said the will apply for it in July as we wanted to start in August.

    Awaiting your email address
  9. marko_135

    marko_135 New commenter

    Sorry, haven't been on this much recently. Ask away or send a pm if you like.

    Also, I've written some posts about the application process and what happens when you arrive over on my blog at www.gaelicguyabroad.com/ Think it might be useful for any of you coming over.
  10. anisah_sharif

    anisah_sharif New commenter

    I am really sorry instead of replying to you I literally pressed report and wrote the message there. I just wanted to ask if you have received your contract or decided to apply for different job. I applied for the early years teacher role in may 2017, had my interview on 26 June and received my initial offer 2 days ago. I managed to send most of the documents they need and on the MOE leaflet it said it takes 8-10 weeks for the whole process, but I want to know how long it took you because it seems like a lot of people had wait for a while.

    thank you
  11. LittleMissScience

    LittleMissScience New commenter

    If you are still on this thread, any chance of being added to the MOE group, I have been approached about positions available but I would want to know more about these school before committing. Thanks.
  12. rod901

    rod901 New commenter

    WHat are the offers being made by the MOE this year?
  13. fairytaleangels

    fairytaleangels New commenter

    Hi I have an interview for MOE English teacher in primary school UAE, the salary is advertised as £53000, However I am hearing the salaries for MOE are very low. Do you think this is to draw us in? She did say I could be offered another position if not suitable. I need to travel 5 hours for interview not sure whether to go as I will be angry if I am offered a position with low salary.
  14. jimbostories69

    jimbostories69 New commenter

    I answered an advert by Sabre looking for teachers with MA's to teach in Dubai- the salary is said to be £80, 000 equivalent!!!! (but reading above this might then not be the real amount. I guess). Went for an interview last Sat (7th Oct), very unpleasant interview (the interviewer was cold, curt and condescending). I've been researching like mad about working in Dubai and UAE and haven't found one positive thing so far- this job will be working for in a government school which seem to be the worst it seems from the comments here- I'm increasingly thinking I should just not take it if they offer it me- even if the money is great- does anyone have any firsthand experience working in UAE that are positive - I can't find anything- I would be grateful for any replies- thanks
  15. jimbostories69

    jimbostories69 New commenter

    I would like to know the same- I applied and have had an interview for teaching in a government school but everything I've been finding out seems quite negative so far
  16. 34knockthedoor

    34knockthedoor New commenter

    I have never heard of the MOE offering £53000 salary. Can you please show me where it says this? I was in contact with a recruitment company in Dubai a year or more ago who solely get jobs for MOE or mainly do anyway and they stated that MOE (then) paid $3500 maximum for a teacher and principals got up to $5000. This is what they told me anyway.

    Who is Sabre? If it is a recruitment company, I very much doubt the salary is £80k. I bet NO ONE in DUBAI or ABU DHABI is on £80k. Not on your nelly!
  17. jimbostories69

    jimbostories69 New commenter


    Attached Files:

  18. jimbostories69

    jimbostories69 New commenter

    I've attached a PDF of of the original advert - the word "equivalent" rang a few alarm bells anayway- also - I'd like sto share with you something I found today about teaching in UAE schools - check out the comments - fireston23 at the very top has more or less put me off - sounds terrible!!!

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  19. Penny10p

    Penny10p Occasional commenter

    He makes some good points in the video. I can vouch for the fact that it is easy to get a job in Dubai if you have the exact qualifications they are looking for, but impossible if you don't! I have seen the same schools advertising the same jobs over and over again in the past six months so it looks like they are finding it difficult to find teachers with the right qualification match.
  20. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

    IIRC correctly that means that the package (including your accommodation allowance) is equivalent to what you would take home after deductions if you earned 80k in the UK. Their hope is that you are a mug and think that you will actually be bagging £80k per year in net salary, which you won't.

    From the stories I heard while out there and since, I certainly wouldn't recommend an MoE school to a British teacher.

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