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Contracts with the Ministry of Education Dubai

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by cams96, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. sakeena73

    sakeena73 New commenter

    Hey guys. I'm still waiting on my visa to come through. I'm on my 5th week now and still nothing. Apparently it's being processed but I don't know how true that is. Anyone else in the same boat?
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  2. googlechops

    googlechops New commenter

    sakeena73, could you offer any more insight into your interview / job offer? Have tried to open a private conversation, going in circles and getting nowhere!
  3. Hows it going over there marko? in ireland and did the interview last week...all in would take between 4/6 months to get out there from what im reading here? sound about right?
  4. how u getting on over? are u working and being paid already? in ireland and did the interview last week.
  5. deen30

    deen30 New commenter

    I think you will find the Facebook group is very useful there are a few who have been through the process and are working there they are very helpful.
  6. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

    Suggest you edit that link quickly as it includes your email address.
  7. marko_135

    marko_135 New commenter

    I arrived last Friday so been here exactly a week. Are you on your way yet?

    I'm teaching English in Dubai. Only half the group got Dubai though. The rest got spread around the country.

    Getting on well so far. Had induction all this week and training week next cox it's the first week back after spring break. Haven't been paid yet though you can get an advance payment if you want. Not teaching for another week.

    Be prepared to wait. I had to wait 14 weeks between the initial contract and the final contract. Wish I knew it would take that long at the beginning.
  8. Naief

    Naief New commenter

    hi marko, can you give me your number please , or facebook profile, I would appreciate it
  9. C25

    C25 New commenter

  10. googlechops

    googlechops New commenter

    What is it like to MOE school? Is it organised? What are class sizes like, are the schools well resources? What curriculum is followed?

    How do they decide which part of the UAE they will place you, is there any magic formula?
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  11. arbsuh9805

    arbsuh9805 New commenter

    Hi guys
    I have signed the final contract over a month ago .... filled the travel form and other details and sent ..... with my attested certificates..... opted to join in July ..... now just awaiting for visa .... which I was told will be processed 2 weeks before arrival .... anyone in my position?.... also let me know the Facebook group I could join to have real insight into the workings at MOE from those those who've already started teaching there ....
  12. arbsuh9805

    arbsuh9805 New commenter

    How's it going ?
  13. anisa01

    anisa01 New commenter

    Hi, I have a interview on Tuesday. Has anyone had an interview for Kindergarten? Any advice on the types of questions on the exam or interview?
  14. englishjohn1

    englishjohn1 New commenter

    How do you attest your documents/ Is it a) notarise b) FCO c) UAE embassy legalises it? ALso I have a possible 20k salary but the housing is included. Is yours similar or better?
  15. arbsuh9805

    arbsuh9805 New commenter

    Which subject?
  16. englishjohn1

    englishjohn1 New commenter

    Why does it matter which subject?
  17. arbsuh9805

    arbsuh9805 New commenter

    Hi, Did you get your Visa?
  18. joders1996

    joders1996 New commenter

    Hello Marko, please could you let me know how you are going on? I have signed initial offer to hopefully start in September! Many thanks!
  19. beatrice26

    beatrice26 New commenter

    I have an interview in June with MOE for maths. What's the maths test like? What type of questions do the ask? How long after the interview do you know you have the job? I'm assuming it's a 4 month wait by the sounds of it.

    Is anyone going out there with young children?
  20. shaunzo16

    shaunzo16 New commenter

    Hi guys! Great info in this thread. I just got an email back from an agency about teaching for the MOE out in Northern Emirates.
    I'm pretty skeptical as they don't tell you the name of the school and/or where you'll be.
    However, the information about salary and description seem alright!

    I'm trying to keep my options open but for the time being... they mentioned 16,000 AED/month is the salary... can someone provide information on accommodation? Is it difficult to find? (I'll be traveling by myself), approximate price range? Language barrier? Other costs/fees?

    Also, what's the main difference for private vs. public school?

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