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Contracts with the Ministry of Education Dubai

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by cams96, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. sakeena73

    sakeena73 New commenter

    Hey step, I got my approvals on 26 Jan this year, and then got my contract 20 Feb, so you're likely to wait another week I think, they said it's due to the contract being written in Arabic Word for word so it matches the English version. What subject will you be you teaching?
  2. sakeena73

    sakeena73 New commenter

    How long did you wait for that email? I take it your visa is done then that's why they're asking! Can you keep me updated if that's okay? I'm so impatient right now ha ha
  3. Mrjenkinss

    Mrjenkinss New commenter

    What salaries are offered this year for MOE posts? I believe they pay between 3500 USD and 5000 USD per month. Does this include ftee housing?
  4. marko_135

    marko_135 New commenter

    Yeah no probs. Yeah the visa is done. That email came three weeks after I sent back the final contract and 10 days after I was asked for a reference so they could begin processing the visa. Know exactly how you feel. Hang in there lol
  5. marko_135

    marko_135 New commenter

    21000 AED a month. So that's about 5700 USD. Doesn't include free housing though.
  6. stellasara

    stellasara New commenter

    I'm teaching the same subject! I'm waiting for my visa to come through too but apparently it shouldn't be too long.
  7. sakeena73

    sakeena73 New commenter

    Hey Stella who's your agency and how long have you been waiting for?
  8. Amakaikpeazu

    Amakaikpeazu New commenter

    Hi, i have an interview coming up. Please can you give me details on what the interview was like? What kind of questions they asked and what the test was about? Thank you
  9. Amakaikpeazu

    Amakaikpeazu New commenter

    Hi, i have an interview coming up for the D and T role. Please can you give me details on what the interview was like? What kind of questions they asked and what the test was about? Thank you
  10. Rheady85

    Rheady85 New commenter

    Morning all...

    I have an interview for a MoE role on Friday in Manchester. Anyone else going to the same meeting and has anyone got any advise?
  11. Amakaikpeazu

    Amakaikpeazu New commenter

    Hi I had my interview a couple of days ago. They give you a test related to your subject and anything new surrounding it. Then there's a 5-10 minute interview, it is very quick and they are straight to the poiint with questions. Good luck
  12. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    Is there anyone in this entire thread that has actually started a position through one of these agencies?
    lottee1000, drvs and dumbbells66 like this.
  13. Crisa

    Crisa New commenter

    Hi all.
    I had a difficult time choosing between IAT and MOE. I signed the final contract with MOE as they suggested I can start earlier than May, hence pay over the summer holidays.
    I signed today the 24th March and the guy from my agency suggested that the visa and the tickets might not take longer than 2 weeks. He actually assured me that I will be working already by 1st May.
    I suppose I just need to wait and see.
    I will come back with news
  14. marko_135

    marko_135 New commenter

    I told a few on here that I'd report back once I arrived in UAE. So now that I'm here if you've any questions let me know.
    sv591 and EasleyVG like this.
  15. EasleyVG

    EasleyVG New commenter

    So happy for you! When did you arrive? I hope to be right after...recruiter says any day now.
  16. C25

    C25 New commenter

    Hey, did you get your contract through?
  17. C25

    C25 New commenter

    Where did you get placed? and what subject do you teach?
  18. Powergnome3

    Powergnome3 Occasional commenter

    Marko - I sent you a conversation with many questions...
  19. googlechops

    googlechops New commenter

    Was it the "owl" agency
  20. sakeena73

    sakeena73 New commenter

    Hey amaka,

    Basically you have a test first which you complete. It's to do with basic design tech questions for example what materials you would use to make so and so. Pretty basic. If you pass that bit you have an interview with 2 people on the panel. They just ask you what you are doing and what experience you have in design tech etc. That's it really?
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